Jimmy Pfeiffer Dragonmeyer


Jimmy Pfeiffer Dragonmeyer
Jimmy Pfeiffer Dragonmeyer

Jimmy Pfeiffer Dragonmeyer is a children’s book my mom started working on last year.  The birth of Jameson and the introduction of Pfeiffer syndrome to our family has been a profound experience.  Just as any child does, Jameson has already given us so much in such a short amount of time.  And as a parent I wonder if I’ll ever be able to give him what he has given to me.  Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude to my mom for writing this book for him.  The gesture itself is embracing, but the end product is truly magnificant and beautifully done!

We have learned so much about Pfeiffer syndrome because of Jameson, and our worlds have really opened up because of it.  If you would’ve asked me two years ago about Pfeiffer syndrome I would’ve stared blankly at you!  We are very grateful to everyone we have met on our journey and to those that have embraced us with open arms.  We share a love and respect for the cranio community like no other!  We thought it was only fitting as we venture forward with this non-profit organization that Jimmy Pfeiffer Dragonmeyer be our representation.  He represents Jameson, our journey, and the lives of so many others.

The universal story of the book is that despite our appearance on the outside we are all alike on the inside, and with a little love, determination, and guidance you can grow up to be anything and anyone you want to be!  Our goal is to create more books featuring new cranio characters and their journey.  If you are interested in being a part of our story please send us an email at afmeyer@jamesonsjourney.com.

Alphabet Soup School
Jimmy gets his RED and goes to Aplhabet Soup School 😉

We hope this book helps to share a little knowledge and understanding about Pfeiffer syndrome.  We are currently mailing copies to cranio-groups, doctors, and anyone at all interested in the book!  A portion of the proceeds made will be given to an educational fund for Pfeiffer syndrome.




7 thoughts on “Jimmy Pfeiffer Dragonmeyer

  1. Dear mother
    I’m landmarks and the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil read your story and thrilled me with life’s little Jameson, there are many bad people, but I ask you to focus on the millions of human beings who have within them the image and likeness of God are wanting in their pure hearts that you guys have a happy life, and that Jameson can despite their conditions be happy and achieve all your dreams. Be happy with their families and receive my fraternal embrace and admiration. God in creating small Jameson provided that she had a special mother. God bless

  2. Dear mother,

    These acts of courage are not exercises in futility.

    You have filled my hear with faith and love. And I am certain that many other thousands have felt similarly.

    Please keep up. YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD.

    Your efforts incite us all to become better people.

    You’re in my prayers, and so is your beautiful son Jameson.

    May the grace of God be upon you both.

    Wishing you two have the happy life you deserve,

    Eduardo from Mexico.

  3. Hello, my name is Michelle. I too have 2 kids with special needs. I know of the long hours and years of research, classes, sleeplessness nights. We have lost many of our friends and family members; had people say mean stuff; but, we knew what we needed to do for our kids. When I saw your boy I laughed but not at the condition or look. I said, “that little guy is so happy and he just ate something he loved because it’s all over his face”. I was in a lot of pain today and he made me smile. You’re a good mom. I wonder how many of those people online who made fun of your son are fans of some of the most popular people in the world. Pay to see them, follow them online, would go up to ones like Prince and others and make fun of their kids and at the same time say they are their biggest fans. I would like to tell you too that there will be a time when there will be no sickness, suffering, pain or death it will all be done away with. Those that are mean, rude, unkind will be done away with. [ Revelation 21:3-4 ] This will be done on the earth. The earth will be a paradise. All the bad will be gone because there is no suffering, pain and death in heaven. For more info please contact me. Or visit JW.ORG. Also, there is Princes’ web page his son had the same thing and many other famous people have info and research that may be helpful to you. There is also NORD a website that is for rare diseases. I’m glad your not letting those that don’t love to get you down. One way to also stop bully and sites that will not cooperate with you go to their advertisement their sponsors. I hope this is helpful. May Jehovah bless you and your family our prayers are with you. Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for sharing that ;0 I remember reading about Prince and his baby having Pfeiffer’s – although he has never publicly confirmed that (that I know of anyway). Thank you for sending me that info as well, I am so glad Jameson made you smile today – he has a way of doing that 😉

  4. What a beautiful little boy! He made me smile through my tears. I cried because of all the bad folks that would even think about making fun of this beautiful child. I have a grandson who is Autistic and I worry every day that other kids will pick on him or bully him, especially since he is in a public school. He loves school and loves other children, but I know some children can be cruel. If they would only take the time to stop and get to know these beautiful children, they would see how wonderful they are to know!! That they can give so much to you and expect nothing back. Hug that baby and hold on to him and just know that there are folks out here who think he is beautiful! God bless you and your whole family!

  5. Hi, my daughter Kate is 17 and has Pfeiffer’s Syndrome. I love your families positive sprit. We like wise feel very blessed to have Kate in our lives. She has helped us to be better people and we have a joy for life and family. Kate and her sister Anne have been involved in many awareness campaigns.

    1. My daughter Taylor will be 27 on 9/29. She too has Pfeiffers Syndrome. It’s been quite the journey. Would love to compare notes.
      CATHY Pedego

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