Be the One

As you get your kids ready for school this year, please make some time to have an important conversation with them.

Tell your kids as they head to school to Be the One.

Be the One who says hello.

Be the One who shares a smile.

Be the One who shares a kind word when they see a sad face.

Be the One who greets the new kid in class.

Be the One who reaches out a hand to someone left out.

Be the One who looks past someone’s differences and sees who they are on the inside.

Be the One who sits down next to that person all alone.

Be the One who makes a difference.

Be the One who embraces acceptance.

We tell our kids to be nice, we tell them that it’s not okay to be mean to others.  We tell them bullying is wrong.  But, this year, as you send your kids off to school, empower them to be the game changer.

Imagine a world where it’s the norm to be accepted and not left out.  Imagine a world where our kids can go to school, feel safe, and unafraid of being made fun of.  Imagine that every kid walking into school has the mentality that they will be the one who shares that smile, says hello, invites the kid left out to sit with them.    Imagine a collective group, working together, building an environment free of hate and intolerance.

We can give our kids the power to change the world. Let’s use our words to help them build a beautiful world.

So, the night before you send them off have this conversation, then send them off the next morning, and simply say,  “Be the One”.


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