Convert Our Likes to Miles!

September is Craniofacial Acceptance Month!

When we got the notification that we were officially a non-profit we wanted to host a 5K here in San Antonio in September for Craniofacial Acceptance Month.  But, there was simply too much to do in too little time.  So, we went back to the drawing board.  And we came up with something even better because ANYONE, ANYWHERE can participate, and it’s FREE!  The only requirements are that you complete our online registration, and check in with us throughout the month to log your miles.  Too easy!

We currently have about 12,000 Likes on Facebook, so we want to convert those Likes to miles in honor of Craniofacial Acceptance and Awareness.

Here are the event details!

WHO:  You!

WHEN:  September 1 – September 30

WHAT:  Run, walk, or bike and “send” us your miles by commenting on this thread, our FB thread, or on Twitter with the #L2M

WHERE:  Wherever you are!

REGISTRATION: Register here!

OUR GOAL:  12,000 miles!

Extras (If you want, these are not requirements!): 

  1. If you have the Polar App on your phone you can instantly share your miles each time you walk, run, or bike.  This is NOT something you have to use, but it’s a handy tool for those that may want to use it.
  2. Have fun, wear purple and share your pictures walking, running, or biking with us!


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