Summer Always Ends with Good Memories

Ever since I can remember every summer seems to have its own story.  In many ways summer seems more transformational that New Year’s Eve.

As a child I remember beginning summer hanging on, or desperately trying to let go, of who I was or what I was doing.  Growing up as a military brat I spent many summers saying good-bye to dear friends.

Nonetheless, summer always began exciting, full of aspirations and dreams of what I was going to do and accomplish before school started again.  Then, during the middle there was a lull.  Either a huge fight with someone would happen, or there’d be utter boredom because everyone was out of town visiting relatives; and it seemed like summer would drag on forever.  Then, out of nowhere it was time to get ready for school again.  From this point on, every day was filled with blissful happiness, soaking in every last ounce of summer sunshine and freedom.  Throughout all this, there was always at least one epic story left with you.

As an adult, it’s a little less dramatic.  But, I see it with my kids each year, and it’s nostalgic to watch.  A year ago I was getting ready for my oldest to turn seven.  I recently came across his picture from that birthday.  He had long hair, a toothless smile, and a pocket full of tooth fairy money.  I thought back to that summer and how it told its own story.  And then to this summer.

This summer has been no different.  It seems ages ago that Jameson was in the hospital getting his trach, and it was only 2 months ago.  The whole month of June was medical for him and it consumed our entire lives.  It’s also interesting to see how much time we spend taking care of Jameson’s trach, and organizing medical supplies, that we definitely didn’t have time for before, but somehow is a seamless part of our day now.

Meanwhile, Jackson was busy swimming in the morning and playing baseball in the evening.  And J.D., well, what can I say about him, he is truly loving life right now.  He spent the summer running around naked, playing in the sprinkler.  Now, he’s getting ready to turn 3 in a few weeks 😉

It didn’t seem like we had much of any down time to relax this summer, and I’m totally fine with that.  Some days I really don’t think I actually sit down unless I’m eating a meal.  Life seems like it’s 100mph these days, but I do love it.  I know one day these boys will be grown and I’ll have too much time to sit.  And if I sit for too long I’ll think about how much older I’m getting 😉

Plus, Frank, my mom, and I have been working on the non-profit and I can tell you September is shaping up to be a really fun month!

But, before we get there, we have a few weeks left of summer.  School starts August 22 and next week is our official vacation!  The plan is to kick it off with Jackson’s 8th birthday, then head to the wilderness for a few days.  We’re heading to Lake Corpus Christi to beat this Texas heat in the water and try our hand at fishing.  I’m not sure we’ll catch anything, but I do know we’ll finish out summer making a few more memories!

Here are some pictures from our summer so far!  A drastic change from the hospital scenery!

Celebrating the 4th of July!
Red White & Blue Cake!
Summer League at the Y
DSC_0720 (3)
Jackson exploring at Enchanted Rock
DSC_0712 (2)
My 3 boys, taking a break on the trail
Double Trouble – taking off!
My crew – #MeyerFab5


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