Pfeiffer Strong Fundraiser

A few months ago Melissa from Living Life to the Maks offered to feature a T-shirt for Jameson and asked what his personality was like.  After thinking about it, there are many ways to describe Jameson’s personality, but a phrase we love is Pfeiffer Strong.

Melissa took that and designed this amazing shirt!  And on top of that she decided to make it into a tote bag as well!

The words she chose to create a crest around Pfeiffer Strong are perfect!

Inspiring, Amazing, Different, Happy, Complex, Loving, Brave, Unique, Determined, and Resilient.

Both the shirt and tote are $20 each and Jameson’s Journey is receiving 50% of that!!

In turn we have decided to take 50% of what we get and donate it to Born A Hero – Pfeiffer’s Health & Social Issues Awareness. 

This shirt and tote bag aren’t just for people who have Pfeiffer syndrome, it’s for anyone that wants to help spread awareness and get the word out there!

Our goal is to sell and 100 shirts and totes!!  Please help us reach our goal and spread awareness!

If you would like to purchase a shirt tote bag, visit Living Life to the Maks Inspirational Line

Once you make your purchase please share in the comments below!  We’d love to see a picture of you rocking your shirt and/or tote! 

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