Day 5 & 6 – The First Trach Change!

Day 5

Yesterday was another nice slow day.  They took him off vecuronium, his paralytic, but left on his fentanyl and versed to manage pain and comfort.  But, with the paralytic off he was able to move his arms and legs a little, cough on his own, and maintain a little control over his body.  They did restrain his hands so he wouldn’t pull anything out.

It was really nice watching him start to move a little. 🙂

He was able to grab my hand, and he opened his eyes and could look around a little too.  When he would reach up I would say, “No reaching,”, and his little hand would go back down again 😉

That’s about as exciting as it got yesterday — day 5 was another good day!

Day 6

Today is day 6, but technically day 5 post-op.  His operating ENT had told us that he does the first trach change around day 5.  The PICU staff told us that it would most likely be day 7…So, I prepared myself for day 7, 6 if we were lucky.

This morning I went downstairs to grab a cup of coffee and when I came back up his surgeon was here to check on him and said he was going to change his trach!!

I was not expecting to hear this today, so today has been a GREAT day!

He changed the trach, said everything looked great – now we just need to get him off the vent.

Around noon the PICU doc came in and weaned his respiratory rate on the vent so Jameson would breathe more on his own and took off his fentanyl and versed!

Since the fentanyl and versed are gone he’s been getting Ativan and morphine to help with withdrawals and to keep the edge off.  Every 3 hours they switch.  It’s kind of funny, when he gets his Ativan he is out like a light.  This morning on fentanyl he was actually trying to sit up in bed a few times.  And the morphine doesn’t seem to do anything – he’s awake on it, coughs a lot, and I have to literally stand by his bed because he’s aware of what’s going on, and looks around for me if I’m not there, and he’ll get anxious and want to get up.

We’ll see how tonight goes, but it would be amazing if they took him off the vent tomorrow.

At this point, I’m pretty excited because we are moving along faster than I had thought we were going to a few days ago.

The results did come back positive for rhinovirus – but really, he’s gotten past it, so there’s nothing really to do about it.  He still has a decent amount of secretions but they’re mostly foamy and white now.

Once we clear the vent hurdle it’ll be time to rock and roll.  Me and dad have to get signed off by the staff that we are trained in trach care, and we each have to do an independent 24 hour care evaluation where we are the one who stays with him and do all the care, the nurses are just here for back-up.  I know I got that part 😉  Dad is a real quick learner, he’s not squeamish, so I know he’s got that too.

Changing his trach today was a huge step forward, and I am starting to see him in mind back up and running around just like before!

Jameson looks the same as the past few days, just laying in the hospital bed.  The only difference is the gauze is gone from his eyes, and tongue.

So, I thought it would be nice to share some pre-op pics today ♥

The week leading up to surgery we tried to relax and just enjoy spending time as a family.  School was out for the summer, and it’s already summer hot in Texas.  So we just hung out in the backyard, barbequed, and sat around the fire pit.


Getting some gardening done finally!

DSC_0014 (1)

Bubble time!

DSC_0016 (1)







DSC_0032 (1)

Fire Pit & S’mores

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