Day 4 – Today Has Been a Good Day

Today has been a nice quiet, lazy day in the PICU for us.

Right at shift change last night Jameson’s temp went to 100.2, but once he got a little Tylenol it came down.

Nothing definitive has come back from his bloodwork so they stopped one of his antibiotics.

His chest x-ray this morning looked great!  His right upper lobe looked nice and inflated, so the aggressive respiratory treatments paid off!  He has been sat’ing 99-100 all day, and his vent hasn’t alarmed today once.  He’s not completely out of the woods, he’s still got a decent amount of secretions and he’s got a few more days on the vent…But, as soon as he wakes up he’ll be able to cough and move his own secretions.  But, ever since they increased his respiratory treatments yesterday he has been responding really well.

The big events for Jameson today were that he got his feeds started, and he got a “mouth guard” put in.  It’s not really a mouth guard, it’s just what it looks like when I look over at him.  He was sticking his tongue out like nobody’s business and between the air hitting it and his teeth pushing down on it, there was nothing good coming from it.  So, the nurse was able to push his tongue back in his mouth and took a little gauze with sterile water to use as padding to keep in tucked in and provide moisture so it wouldn’t dry out.

He probably looks worse than he actually is. I know all these bandages and tubes look a little pathetic, but he’s comfortable.  Just getting some quality beauty sleep now 😉

He got a “friend” today too.  There is a non-profit here, Adam’s Animals, that provides stuffed animals to the local hospitals to give to kids.  It’s a really sweet organization, and he’s gotten one every time we’ve stayed here.  Right now he’s tucked in bed with Jameson, keeping him company.

Back at the home-front all of the other boys are doing well.  I’m still not sure how clean they are, but everyone is happy and in one piece 😉  But still can’t wait for us to come home ♥

It’s starting to rain, the clouds just rolled in and the thunder and lightening just started.

I’m thankful for a good day, and for all the support, we can feel the love.  Thank you ♥

Here’s to another good day tomorrow..

Our new friend from Adam’s Animals



Our view outside right now

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