Day 1 – Sweet Baby J is Trached

Here he is, our new trach baby.

Day 1 is pretty much in the books.

Other than a delay in surgery time everything today has gone very smoothly; and I am so, so grateful for that.  As I type this I am sitting next to Jameson quietly resting in the PICU.

In silence.  No snoring, no struggling.  Just a peaceful, rhythmic rise and fall of his chest.

Silence.  It’s pretty surreal.  (The drugs are helping with that a little too ;))

We got up very early this morning to head up to Dallas, and I offered Jameson something to drink multiple times, but it was so early he didn’t want anything.  That came back to bite him in the butt.  When we got here at 9:30, an hour past liquid cutoff time the first thing he asked for was water.  And of course, he was pretty upset when he couldn’t have any.

We had the same discussion/argument/tantrum over water about 100 more times since we ended up waiting 4 hours for him to go back into surgery.  The first case of the day took a lot longer than expected so everyone got pushed back, which isn’t a big deal unless you haven’t eaten or drank anything in over 12 hours.  He hadn’t had anything since 9:00pm the night before, so the poor boy was definitely parched.  You should have seen him when the nurse gave him a few mL’s of Versed; he sucked it down like a desert in the rain, lol.  From that point on I’ve had bone drugged up little boy :/

After the Versed they rolled him back to the OR, and the whole procedure took about an hour all together.  My stomach had started doing flips the second they rolled him away.  I have been much more anxious with this surgery than either of his cranial vaults, so I was grateful for how quickly the procedure was.

The doctor said everything in surgery went well, no issues, no surprises.  Which is always good to hear.

He’s tried to pull his off his vent three times now, so they are keeping him pretty heavily sedated to protect his airway.  Hopefully, the vent will go away tomorrow (fingers crossed).  After that, the next big milestone  is his first trach change, which will be around day 7…So, until then, it’s just a day to day healing process.  I keep looking at the trach site, as if I’m healing it by staring at it, lol.  Really tho, it’s hard to take my eyes off of it – Jameson has a trach now, that is surreal to me as well.

Jameson has a trach.  It’s almost a little weird to say I keep repeating it.  It’s just so new, it’s not the norm on him yet.  And I’m an RT so I’m all up in it, lol.  I don’t get hands on with pedi trachs and they’re a little different than adult so I’m definitely curious about every little detail.  But the trach site looks great so far.

Thank you for keeping us in your positive thoughts, and prayers.  We appreciate it.  Today went well, and I hope the next two weeks go just as smoothly.

Also, please say a little prayer for my husband and other two boys.  I can only imagine the bachelor pad that I’ll be returning to, lol.

Good night from Dallas, I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.

Some shots from pre-op.  We tried to stay busy..

DSC_0048First things first.  He took one look at the surgical gown and threw it on the floor.   Wasn’t feeling it today.




DSC_0089Went for a car ride.








DSC_0078Made some important phone calls to China.







DSC_0079Made a sandwich we couldn’t eat







DSC_0080And we tried to craft the next Lego Ninja


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10 thoughts on “Day 1 – Sweet Baby J is Trached

  1. My daughter Elizabeth Ware has been treated by Dr. Fearon since she was born. She is now 27. Reading your blog I relive her journey. Jameson is in great hands. Both God’s and Dr. Fearon’s team at MCD. We are sending you positive thoughts and lots of prayers. Say hello to Dr. Fearon from Elizabeth!

  2. I’m so glad he did well in surgery and has started the recovery and healing phase. As a mom waiting for this day that feels inevitable, every word of your experience prepares and helps me. I try to imagine how these kids go from having a naked neck to a child with a foreign piece of plastic they are breathing through and it makes my heart sad to think how hard it must be to understand. I pray he handles it all okay and doesn’t have too hard of a time adjusting.
    What a blessing for you to be an RT and have familiar experience with these things. I know it’s not the same when it is your baby but must be helpful in its own way. BIG (((hugs))) from Ellie and I to you both as you continue on this journey the next couple weeks. We will be checking in regularly and praying. :0)
    Also hope your other three men are doing well back home without you. <3

    1. Thanks mama. I am waiting for his sweet eyes to open…waiting for him to show me what he needs from me. I hope the Ellie doesn’t need one tho <3
      Lol, my other boys are doing well. I know they will survive, just not as clean as I'd like them to be 😉

  3. I looked at the photos and they made me smile. And maybe that is one of his missions in life. And all I could think of was how cute he is. He has the most beautiful eyes. Forget adverse labels having been dumped on him by thoughtless people. He is so far above “normal.” He is in the stratosphere while we are all still down here in the earth’s old atmosphere.

  4. He is adorable . you will learn to love the trach it takes some time to get use to it but such a good thing . You will be in our thoughts for a speedy recovery .

  5. I am so excited for you. I hope those quite sleep-filled nights continue. Looking at the pictures and all I could think (besides how cute!!!!🙂) is “he has a nice long neck! Will make teach care so much simpler 😊 Ya. I’m a trach nerd. Praying for quick healing and a happy boy.

  6. I feel like I’m right there with you after reading your posts. He’s going to do great. He’s so lucky to have you! I can’t wait to see his future. His shining and fantastic future. All our love.

  7. Sounds like the trach is working.
    My Dad had one after a car accident paralysed him. I can remember him having to block it to speak (this was 40 years ago)
    He’s full of life and joy thanks to you and your family.

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