Where Did You Get That Shirt?!

20160517_082526So, I have to tell you that this shirt was a huge hit!  Jameson wore it to his MRI yesterday and everyone was in love!  The best part, though, is where we got the shirt.

This shirt was made by Melissa, a fellow Pfeiffer momma, who started her own clothing line, inspired by her son Maksim, to spread awareness and positivity.  On top of that, Melissa features a child, designs a shirt specifically for them, and donates 50% of the proceeds to the child.  You can look through her website Living Life to the Maks, I know she also has more T-shirts in the works!

I have to tell you that this is the first “special” shirt we have worn to an appointment, and it really did make the day a little more fun.  Jameson was under sedation,  had an IV, and was hooked up to the monitor for a few hours.  It brought a few more smiles in the midst of harder moments, and was a great conversation starter for other people around us.

I secretly want to dress Jameson is special shirts everywhere he goes now!  Just so there’s an obvious ice breaker when someone may feel uncomfortable or may not know exactly what to say.  Living Life to the Maks has a really cute shirt with the word “Brave” written in ASL, and they also have a “Trach Wars” shirt (which I will totally get is/when Jameson gets trached!)

Please go check out Living Life to the Maks, Maks, who, by the way, is completely adorable!  I can’t even tell you how awesome it is meeting another Pfeiffer momma, and I just love what she is doing with her gift!

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  1. As a retired RT,I am in awe of your beautiful son’s journey. Kids are so awesome. Peds was my favorite place to work. Give your sweet son a big hug from me. I am so in awe,how you have told Jamison.s story. Much love and God Bless you both. You have helped so many.Shame on those people

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