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Today I wanted to share with you a project that hits home for me in so many ways!

Last year, Victoria Farmer, had a picture she took of her daughter getting into some paint go viral.  I remember seeing this photo and the first thought I had was my own children in very similar situations, and I laughed to myself.  And I smiled, because I did not personally know this mother, yet at the same time I knew her.  It was a reminder that it doesn’t matter where you live, whether you have sons or daughters, kids with special needs or not, we are all in the same tribe.  The tribe of ‘You have to find humor in the havoc your children wreak or you will go insane’.  They are little tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, exploding volcanoes, an avalanche about to tumble.  And just like a weather forecast, sometimes it’s accurate, and sometimes you don’t even get a drop of rain.  They are like little superheroes that haven’t learned to control their powers yet.  And if you have any hope of keeping your sanity you have to find the humor!   When I saw the photo I remember showing my husband, and saying, “See honey, our kids aren’t the only ones”.

But, others did not feel that comradery I did seeing her photo.  People for some reason decided to say hateful and cruel things.  I understand whole heartedly, 150%, what it’s like watching the world say horrible things about a photo taken of your child.  Her experience inspired Victoria, and she and her friend Jackie Konczol founded The Doll Kind.

The Doll Kind’s mission is “To empower and inspire a generation of children to create a kinder world, one heart at a time.”  Each doll is a symbol of kindness, and an added bonus – for every doll ordered another doll is given to a child less fortunate in orphanages, hospitals, and shelters.  Along with the doll come tokens.  The tokens are intended to be given to others in an act of kindness, and say ‘Share the Love’.  I absolutely adore everything about these dolls, and it makes me desperately want a girl, lol!  I hope that they come out with a few boy dolls – although I am pretty confident that Jameson would love one of the girls, if you didn’t already know pink is his favorite color 😉

Please go read Victoria and Jackie’s story!

Support their Kickstarter  it has 10 days left and they are about half-way to their goal!  I cannot convey how amazing I think it is what they are doing.

Below are the links to everything The Doll Kind!  Check it out, I know you will love what they are doing as much as I do!

“The Doll Kind was not only a positive response to some unkind words surrounding a viral photo. It became a hope for something more. A hope for a better world for our children to grow up in. One that is kinder, more considerate, and filled with children that are empowered to do good, no matter their background or circumstance.” (The Doll Kind)


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