2 Year Cranioversary!

This St. Patrick’s Day marks two years since Jameson’s second cranial vault!  I had to work all day, but got this cute pic sent to me from daddy!



That shirt is the same shirt he wore to his surgery 2 years ago!  Jameson is on his own growth curve, most two year olds are his size, he’s our tiny man.

This is the time of year for us to evaluate how he is doing.  Jameson had a sleep study done earlier this month to see what progress was made from is tonsillectomy in December; we have a follow up appointment to go over the results on the 28th.  We’ll see…He has been pointing and holding his right eye a lot lately so I am taking him to ophthalmology for a follow up, hoping it’s minor and not intracranial pressure.  And last, but certainly not least he should have an MRI in the next month or so.  It’s that time of year to check everything!

Hoping for another year of good luck! 😉





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2 thoughts on “2 Year Cranioversary!

  1. I have just found out about yours and Jameson’s story but I can honestly say I am very touched by it. I was brought to tears reading about the ‘memes’ that were created about such a sweet and incredibly cute little boy, however I am very glad they are behind you both. Your dedication and caring is an inspiration and it warms my heart to see such a loving family. I wish you all the best and, i think a quote of yours best ends this message, “be warmed by the smiles of the people you love.”

  2. I stumbled upon your site and just wanted to say hello! and I LOVE Jameson! He is sooo beautiful and adorable. I wish you and your lovely family so many blessings and every good thing.. hugs <3!!

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