Calling All Cranio Kids!

I have been inspired by some of my fellow cranio moms to create a giant collage of as many cranio kids, and adults, as possible! My idea is to create a giant collage, have it printed into a giant poster to bring with me to any community event or speech I give about craniofacial awareness and choosing kind. Of course I will bring Jameson with me, but I thought having the collage to “introduce” people to the many hundreds of thousands of cranio kids would be a great impact!

If you would like to submit a photo for the collage please email it to I have set this email up specifically for this website and anything having to do with spreading awareness. If you know a cranio family, please share this post with them.

A few admin notes:

Please include in your email:

  1. 1.  The name of the person in the photo
  2. 2.  Location of where you are from
  3. 3.  The type of craniosynostosis or syndrome they have
  4. 4.  A brief statement that you give me permission to use the photo
  5. 5.  Again, email

Thank you all!

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6 thoughts on “Calling All Cranio Kids!

  1. Dear AliceAnn,

    I wish you and your family all the best.

    The picture of Jameson with his “chocolate-mouth” reminds me of when my son was little. Those pictures are the greatest. It’s the sweetest thing.

    Keep fighting and enjoy your family.

    Kind regards,


  2. I just chanced upon your blog while reading news and I would just like to say that you have a beautiful family. You are a beautiful soul and Jameson is beautiful. Some might be cruel but there are also some whom applauds you, whom you inspired. I am one of them. Thank you for all that you do. All the best to you, Jameson and the rest of your family.

  3. I saw the story about your son’s picture being stolen and misused. Any person who is so lacking in basic human decency to do such a thing should be pitied which is not the reaction I have to your son and your family. It is obvious your lives are fuller, more loving and worthwhile than those who committed such an act. That is not to say if those trolls are ever found I wouldn’t mind seeing their hard-drives inserted in a very painful and impractical place.
    Kind regards

  4. You are amazing and have such a beautiful, unique son. I am happy to have come across your story while reading news as I have this condition too. People are very judgmental but Jameson is special and will inspire so many regardless of what anyone says. Thank you for sharing this and wish you all the best – Khadija

  5. As a dental hygienist I find the information about Jameson’s surgeries very interesting – as a mom, my heart goes out to you for having to deal with all of the surgeries and health concerns in addition to the insensitive and ignorant comments from other people. Jameson looks like a sweetheart and I hope all the best for him. I teach high school medical career classes and I have been sharing the book Wonder with my students and Choose Kind is the theme of my classroom. I hope that others will learn to choose kind.

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