What a Week!


What a week! I never imagined my message would reach so many thousands of people. And at this point I feel like I really need to say our message instead of my message. So many of you were standing up and speaking out from the very beginning I honestly feel like we are all in this together. Things have been crazy, and I just need to take a moment to say thank you to each and every one of you.

There are so many of you that have been here from the beginning. We thank you so much for your support. Without hesitation you started fighting for Jameson’s rights. There are also so many of you that I have met this past week that have reached out, shared your stories and offered continued support. And there are people that we have newly reached, that had never heard of Pfeiffer syndrome until now, giving us support. The outpouring of love and support has been absolutely unbelievable and meant so much.

What I have experienced this past week is not something I was expecting.

They say timing is everything. This statement could not be more true at this moment.

Dating back as far as I can find, that meme was posted in the beginning of February of 2015. Nearly a year ago. If I would have seen that meme a year ago there is no way I would be able to put the time and energy I have had to use into this fight. I have spent the last year in an intense program getting my Respiratory Therapy degree. I literally spent every free moment studying and I just finished all my testing in the end of December of 2015. Just weeks later in January (2016) this meme came to my attention.

At first, I wasn’t 100% sure of what to do. But, the combination of having the free time with your support and motivation to fight, made me confident in what I was doing. This has been a lot of work, and taken a lot of my time and attention, but it has been 100% worth it. From very early on I have always wanted to do more for the cranio community. I have wanted to do my part to fight for Jameson and kids like him. I feel like the timing could not be more right.

I have some big ideas and big plans in the works to get awareness and education out there about Pfeiffer syndrome and craniofacial differences, and I owe a big thanks to all of you. The amount of support you have given me has motivated me so much to do more than I ever have. The message of choosing kind, and treating every single person with dignity and respect is one that you have empowered me to champion.

So, thank you. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for following us. Most importantly, thank you for sharing our story.

To all the media outlets that reported this story, thank you. Thank you for reaching out, and thank you for introducing the world to Jameson and Pfeiffer syndrome.

one love, one heart…” – Bob Marley

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  1. Hi there,
    I was visiting your page while educating myself as my friends baby was also diagnosed with Pfeiffer syndrome. I just wanted to tell you that Jameson is an absolute doll! I saw your posts about people staring etc… and I hope more people realize that everyone is different and if we were all the same and looked the same the world would be a boring place. Jameson is a handsome and precious child and you should be very proud to be his mama, I’m sure you are. He looks like such a happy little guy and I’m sure it has a lot to do with you being an amazing mom. Thanks for sharing this journey with all of us, you are an inspiration!

  2. Jameson looks very happy. He is obviously secure and loved well by his family. A suggestion…in the US, original artworks are protected automatically on creation by copyright even without a mark. Suing a few meme creators for infringement might set a perfect example and ward off other potential offenders. Money could be used to set up a nice little fund for Jameson or settle for a letter of apology.

    1. Hi Gary, you are 100% correct. Jameson’s picture are protected, which is why we keep reporting and fighting – and ultimately which is why these sites keep taking it down. They know it’s illegal. My trouble is finding the original meme maker…If only! I know there are computer programs out there that can track down sources, but we just don’t have that kind of resources at the moment.

  3. My father: myself & my daughter have mild cases of Pfeiffer. I am VERY familiar: and I’d like to share things & talk more about it with you! I will be in touch! 💕

  4. Hi there! 🙂
    I found out about your blog on a news I saw online about you being upset with that meme. I’ve seen it a long time ago, probably on Facebook (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were before feb 2015), and I got REALLY angry about it. People were laughing and sharing it without even thinking about the cruelty with the child on the photo. Only a few people could undestand it was not a good joke, but their voices joined mine only to immediatly disappear in a wave of funny comments. What upset me the most is that I know not all that people who laughted were bad, evil or didn’t have a heart. They just haven’t stop to think about it – if it’s a meme, the only brain activity you are supposed to make is to understand the joke. I didn’t even know Pfeiffer syndrome existed until now and it’s been an amazing experience to learn more about it and about Jameson (HE’S SOOOO CUTE!! I’m in love! haha). Those people also don’t know anything about it; they don’t know anyone who have struggle with that; and they have never seen anything on media about that. That’s why I think the most important fight is to bring light to craniofacial syndromes like Pfeiffer, and what you are doing with this blog is EXACTLY what people need. It helps to understand not only the syndrome itself, technicly speaking. But as it shows the humans beings behind it, it spreads empathy – and that’s WAY more efficient to make people more acceptable and comprehensive about it. Too bad I haven’t found yet a blog like yours in Portuguese, or I would have been sharing it all the time on Facebook so people could read it and educate themselves.
    Thank you Very much for sharing your son’s life with us. Jameson came to you like this with a reason: to you to stay strong and keep fighting to spread knowledge and to help everyone else who struggle with this and can’t make their voices be heard so easily.

    ~~~ best wishes from a new fan who will now be always following Jameson’s journey all the way from Brazil 😉

    1. Thank you for your comment! I am so glad you found our blog 🙂 I couldn’t agree with your post more! Several people have come forward and told me that they shared the meme and felt terrible knowing the story behind him, and that his is real (not photoshopped!). I agree not all people are bad, but sometimes when you don’t know you act in a way you normally didn’t. Of course I know there are always going to be cruel people, but the amount of people our story has reached has spread so much awareness for not only Pfeiffer syndrome and craniofacial differences, but it has made a lot of people think twice about they way other people get treated through sharing and laughing at these types of memes on social media.

      So glad to have you following us 😉

  5. Greetings from Australia. Just wanted to let you know how inspired I am by your tenaciousness. Jameson looks like a little darling, and those soulful eyes of his could melt chocolate. It breaks my heart that people can be so cruel and so ignorant, and I wish you luck in your endeavours to right all the wrongs. xo

  6. What can we do? Cruelty like this to children is something I feel strongly about. We have to help them and fight the battle. When I look at his pictures I see a loving little boy. A precious and valuable child.

  7. What a beautiful little boy. You see joy in his eyes and know he is loved. Keep fighting for your son. No one has the right to do this to anyone and there needs to be stronger laws in place to protect our children. You are a wonderful family.

  8. You are blessed to have Jameson as your child. He is blessed to have you as his Mom. The people who have been cruel to your family are not worthy of the space they take up in this world.

    My prayers are with you. You and Jameson are beautiful people.

  9. I am so happy I stumbled across your inspiring story and the inspirational Jameson. What a beautiful child, I’m sure we will all learn more from him than he could ever learn from us. Tell Jameson he has a new fan in Los Angeles.

  10. Hi Jameson,
    You have an Amazing Mom!
    It doesn’t matter what others say, that is not your truth, it is out of their own ignorance and I pray for Love to heal their soul’s. Just wanted to drop a line to say “Hi”
    You Are a Very Very Handsome young man with the most beautiful brown eyes !!!
    Sending you and your Mom Lot”s of Love & Light,

  11. Hi Aliceann & Jameson!

    I think you are both amazing! Jameson you are just gorgeous, my heart melts at your smile!

    Aliceann, your tenacity to fight for what is right is inspiring. So many people would get upset or shy away, but you have taken a horrible situation and stood up for what is right, and I loudly applaud you for that.

    I do hope that people are ashamed of sharing some ridiculous joke – the person who created it really is the lowest of the low. Some people need to learn that we are all far from perfect, and that we should be accepting and understanding of everybody, no matter what their differences are.

    I’m glad that so many outlets are reporting on this, if only for the awareness that is being raised, and I really hope that people will think twice instead of creating or sharing the many cruel jokes that are abound on the interest.

  12. Your son is beautiful! Don’t let other people say otherwise. They are pathetic excuse for human beings. He has such a wonderful mother like yourself who is sticking up for him! I hope all is well and I hope he doesn’t see himself as anything less then a handsome little man!

    Annalise x

  13. I just had a friend like a FB posting on you and your son’s story. I looked at his picture a few times and each time thought that he is a sweet happy looking little boy. Enjoy your son and rest assured that if I come across any use of his photo that is demeaning or inappropriate I will report it and inform you.

    Enjoy your beautiful son!

  14. AliceAnn and Jameson,
    just wanted to encourage you in your stand against this “cyber-bullying” and to say how sorry I am that you and Jameson have to experience such inhumanity. Also read story about you both in The Mighty and fell in love with your beautiful boy. That picture was absolutely adorable with his face all full of s’mores. AND Happy Birthday Jameson. If I’m correct you are going to be 4 soon. BTW, my daughter (a young mother like yourself) frequently uses the phrase “don’t mess with the Mama” referring to how protective mothers can be when their “little ones” may be in any type of danger. Courage – you are NOT alone.

  15. I don’t understand how people cannot see that there is beauty in every person. Jameson is a very cute little man and I am so glad that I came across his story. May your family be blessed and have more joy than your hearts can hold.

  16. Love radiates from each one of the pictures you’ve posted here. Your son and his family are beautiful, in all the many senses of that word. Thank you for brightening the Internet.

  17. Came across your story and blog today – what a sweet little boy you have. So sorry you have had to put up with all this foolishness. I was intrigued to read through all your posts and hope you will keep us updated on Jameson’s progress!

  18. I don’t often post on public forums or blogs but this story has broken my heart. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your beautiful son as you fight for this valiant cause. I use social media quite often and I hadn’t come across the meme that you refer to, so I’m praying that it hasn’t spread too far and that whoever has it posted on their social media pages will grow a heart and take it down. I never knew people could be so cruel and misguided in their attempts at humour.
    God Bless

  19. Hi Andrea,

    I never saw the meme but I saw the story in the Washington Post about your response, and I just had to write and tell you that I wholeheartedly support you! Jameson is beautiful and looks so happy, and he is lucky to have you as his mom. Take care!

    A new fan,

  20. This is an appology and will not take back what I have done.

    A few days ago Ro (one of the lads) posted a meme of your child in the group chat we had because he is litteraly a spitting image of himself and also found the meme funny. We all had a giggle including myself and I also forwarded it to another group of friends.

    I did not know the extent of how horrid this is and I am deeply sorry that I had a part of sending the photo to another person. I will forward this site to my friends and they themselves can post on here.

    I do not seek or want you to accept this appology but to just know that I am sorry for the part I have played, the photo will be deleted within the group chat that I did forward this.

    I hope nothing but the best for your child and will check up on here from time to time.

  21. I found your blog today. Interesting reading. We also have a son with Pfeiffer Syndrom. We’ve had our share of surgeries, doctor appointments, and questions from kids, parents and family as we’ve made our Journey. Our son is now almost 13 and is very happy, active and normal. It takes a special kind of parent to care for a child with cranio-facial symptoms.

    Our journey has been long and is not over yet. But it’s been worth it all along the way, even if just to witness the miracles. Your journey will be just as amazing, I am sure.

    Good luck to you. It’s obvious you are up to the task.

  22. It makes me sick to my stomach imagine anyone picking on a wonderfully handsome young man.I have four kids myself and I here the things that happen at school society and people are becoming more heartless by the minute.I am glad to se there are still some good people like you in this world!!!!!!!

  23. My husband forwarded me your news story and I came to your blog. Our son has the exact same syndrome as your son does. Our son is older; he is 12. He will be 13 in one month. Since his story began before the real birth of blogs I don’t have a blog from the beginning of his journey (I have journals) but I do have a blog about his last “major” surgery. http://www.milothompson.com

    I don’t come into contact with very many people who have the exact same issue as my Milo does. When I brought up your blog his sisters were around and they said “hey Milo it’s you!”. He can running over and thought it was pretty cool to see someone who looked like him.

    Sorry for the struggle you are going through. I never had to experience this but I do have vivid memories of kids at the park literately running away from him screaming to their parents. It broke my heart because he just wanted someone to play with. Milo has a strong personality as you describe in your son. I think these kids need that strong personality. They would not be able to cope any other way.

    If you ever need “what’s in the future” assurance, feel free to contact me anytime. It’s a rough road, but it’s also blissful to see what they become despite all they have to go through.

  24. I’m so glad you fought back against these bullies. What a beautiful boy you have and he’s so lucky to have you as his mummy and his advocate. It’s completely unthinkable that people can be so mean. The vast majority of people aren’t though so it’s a shame that the mean ones leave such deep scars. They must be hurting or damaged inside to intentionally hurt the feelings of others. I pity them.

  25. It is so easy for someone to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet to make cruel and heartless comments about something they know NOTHING about
    Don’t let it get to you or Jameson – it is more of a reflection of their lack of humanity
    So glad to see so many people speak up against this type of behavior
    I know you have so much going on, but feel free to drop me a line – even one word – to my email address below
    Bill Murphy
    Pawtucket, RI

  26. I want to start by saying I’m sorry that your family has been treated so poorly!
    I came across the article on the Today show link on Saturday morning while I was laying next to my eight year old son. I told him the story and showed him Jameson’s picture. I’ve never seen my son so upset. He was very touched by the story and was very proud of you, his mother, for standing up for him.
    My family wants you to know that we support you and Jameson and hope that good comes out of this by bringing awareness to the disease.
    My son would love to send a picture to Jameson and a little note and he wants to send some money to help fight the disease.
    We will kee your family in our prayers for continued strength!

  27. Hi, i just recently saw this meme on a certain travel page and immediately reported the photo to facebook for review. Sad thing i got the feedback this morning and they reckoned the meme was inoffensive! I got the screenshot of that report cant post it here.but just want to let you know thag facebook doesnt give a shit about your beautiful boy being bullied and mocked in social media.what a sick world we live in!

  28. Hey I read an article about the stuff that have been going on with you. I think your son looks adorable. I enjoyed scrolling down your blog to see all his cute pictures. You don’t need to write down stuff like “I’m not scary…”
    Of course he’s not!!! You shouldn’t believe what negative people say. Don’t even listen to them. People are stupid and bored with their silly lives.
    I pray for peace and joy in your life.
    God bless you in Jesus’ name.

  29. That’s a right cute little boy you got there and I’ll bet his heart is twice as big. People in general who spout off at the mouth or that try thinking while borderline brain dead, are for the most part, idiots. Take away their ability to hide behind the internet and a keyboard and I doubt seriously that they would say a damned thing.

    My wife and I have twin boys, Joseph and Elijah, both 12. Elijah is on the Autism spectrum, high functioning. We have not had to deal with any bullying yet but unfortunately expect it at some point in his life because that’s an unfortunate aspect of society, like it or not.

    What’s amazing is how kids start out so innocent with no understanding or concern of individual differences but as some of them get older there is some mechanism that gets turned on which causes them to be bullies or otherwise treat individuals in a lower manner. Blame it on upbringing, lack of tolerance in the household, peer pressure or peer idiot syndrome (PIS – I just created that one), who knows.

    I’m not so innocent though, when I was growing up sure I got teased and I teased others myself. I made fun of fat people, old people, and was caught up in my peers throwing slangs out there at others. As I got older I got whats called wisdom. That’s when life actually slaps you aside the face. Treat people as you want to be treated. Better late than never but as I look back I wish I could take some things back but at the same time I think if it were not for some of those events in my life I would not be who I am today. I was meant to go that route, school of hard knocks.

    Take some of those things away and maybe I didn’t say or do that one bad thing that changed my life around. Maybe I didn’t do that one action that lit the lightbulb to say that’s wrong. I regret anything I did that offended anyone I ever knew as a punk kid or teen but I live with those, ask forgiveness for the past and move on. It’s a vicious cycle and Im sure that’s shared by millions of people at some point.

    Getting to the here and now, what’s a hard and unfortunate fact is that at some point these same people who act out or say hurtful things will experience something similar, in some way, during their live whether it be simply as an individual or when they decide to have a family. It’s not if they will but that they will.

    With all the stories of special needs (and I hate that phrase) children being bullied by not only fellow kids but also by adults that should be the layer of protection for our kids and it angers me to the point where I imagine driving down a dark alley with those people in front of me. It’s frustrating. I know its wrong but I also find myself hoping that at some point these individuals experience something similar so they know what its like.

    With regard to autism, today, the ratio of children affected is 1 out of 50. When our Elijah was born it was 1 out every 150, two years ago it was 1 out of 88. That’s a dramatic change over such a short period of time of just 12 years. Think about what the ratio will be in another 5 to 10 years. At this rate its possible that every family who has a child born will be affected by some level of autism disorder, quite possibly other disorders as well. My point in that is that people either need to start becoming more socially tolerant or they will be forced into it.

    It’s really not our kids that are different it’s us that are different. They are the normal ones and we are simply here to witness the transition. Im not a church disciplined person but I do know the book of all books says the meek shall inherit the Earth. With my son Elijah, I’m glad to be a part of that.

    Sorry for the rant, your story really touched me as I’m sure it did others. Any time I read real-life stories like this I feel a sense of helplessness, anger and at the same time feel glad about the exposure of such injustices being spread for awareness and hope it leads to individual change. I am certainly among the many that hope positive change comes from it.

  30. Many years ago, when I was in college, I managed a restaurant in Oregon. I met a little guy with the same syndrome that your little one has – although I didn’t know what it was called until now. He was the most delightful little soul and would smile hugely every time he came in to see us (mostly because I would sneak him cookies, I think), and brightened the room with his infectious giggles. I always looked forward to seeing him and his family. He moved away to have surgery on his under-developed hands and feet and I haven’t seen him in years, but I think of him often. I miss that pure joy he exuded in everything he did. I’ve never met anyone else quite like him.

    Thank you for sharing your story – and your son – with the world, and letting me relive that memory.

  31. I just came across your blog and the article that was written about the cruel meme regarding your son. I am so sorry that there are such cruel people in the world. In looking at your sons pictures, I think he is adorable with a beautiful smile. It looks like you have your hands full, but I can tell you have all kinds of unconditional love.

  32. You’ve heard of the Streisand effect, right? You are not helping your son. I know if feels right to fight this because you love him. But you are really only drawing MORE attention to the issue and asking for MORE memes to be created. There has to be a point where you cut losses and move on. I am sure that is very hard to do.

    1. Brian, I can see why you might think that, but I respectfully disagree….I can’t speak for AliceAnn, and I’m sure no mom would WILLINGLY choose for others to be cruel to their child, but I can’t help but wonder if AliceAnn would say that the love and support that came out of such an evil and hurtful event blessed her in ways that she didn’t even know were possible. Thank you, AliceAnn, for being willing to let Jameson’s story not only to teach us more about cranialfacial issues, but more importantly, for reminding parents like me of how important it is not only to demonstrate kindness to our own children, but be proactive in discussing kindless and love in hopes that it prevents the spread of cruelty when the opportunity someday knocks on their door.

  33. I was telling my 7 year old son about how people were using Jameson’s picture as a joke. We talked about him being the kind of boy who stands up for and helps to protect people like this and how he should never join in laughing at someone or making fun of someone else. We talked for a little while and he went to do something else. He came back and said he wanted to write you a note.
    “I am really sorry that your son has this problem. I hope that he lives a good life.” from Caleb.

  34. Dear AliceAnn,

    I just now read your story on a local Dallas news station’s website, and so immediately came to your site to let you know how angered I am that so many people were callously so cruel. I cannot believe that in this day and age, where we hear so much about bullying, that 1. someone would create that meme, and 2. that thousands others would pass the meme around. You sound like a fabulous mom and I’m sure that Jameson is absolutely delightful. I am lifting you up in prayer even as I type, and I hope that the love and compassion that people have poured out to you builds you up higher than the cruel ones could ever bring you down. I hope that Jameson knows he list loved by many!

  35. Hello again!!!!! It is lovely to Read your Story 😊That to know you are not Alone…..my son has also the Pfeiffer Syndrom and he is also s treassure like jasson ❤️

  36. Hi Jameson, Hi Aliceann and Familie,
    My name ist Jochen, I am from Germany.
    Wenn had a lovely son, called Samuel with “Pfeiffer”.
    He died May 2014. He had almost 40 surgerys…and we were often in hospital.
    But we love(d) him, he was our sunshine, he showed us what life is about.
    Ich rede your Blog and what you habe done for your son.
    We had often must justified befassen heute was ill and looked “other”.
    We are thankful that we had him four years.
    Our faith gives us hohe and power, we know , now Samuel has no pain anymore.
    When I saw the Fotos of Jameson, he remembered mehr at Samuel.
    I wish you all the best, God bless you all.


  37. Excuse me, my first post was not understandable. Some words were taken over wrong and sorry for my English.

    Hi Jameson, Hi Aliceann and Familie,
    My name ist Jochen, I am from Germany.
    We had a lovely son, called Samuel with “Pfeiffer”.
    He died May 2014. He had almost 40 surgerys…and we were often in hospital.
    But we love(d) him, he was our sunshine, he showed us what life is about.
    Ich read your blog and what you have done and do for your son.
    We often had to justified that he was ill and looked “other”.
    We are thankful that we had him four years.
    Our faith gives us hope and power, we know, now Samuel has no pain anymore.
    When I saw the fotos of Jameson, he remembered myself at Samuel.
    I wish you all the best, God bless you all.

  38. All I see is a happy smiling boy. It upsets me when things like this happen, posting such things thinking it is funny, but then again it was thought funny when I was bullied years ago in public school. Someday things will change more, things have changed aleady, hopefully when he is older things will have changed even more. My heart goes out to you Mom, he is so lucky to have such a Mom.

  39. I read this story through a link on Facebook about you fighting the horrible meme, and I while I admired your courage, I also bawled my silly little eyes out while sharing the article. That photo is just darling and Jameson is such a handsome boy (even with chocolate and marshmallow all over his face!). I just wanted you to know that while there are awful people out there who will do anything for attention or ‘likes’, there are 1000 more fighting the good fight with you.

    This gorgeous little man has endured so much and the fact that he still can beam at his mummy after all this is just beautiful. I understand that this would be so hard for you, and so I hope you are taking care of yourself and are feeling okay. Don’t let the haters stop you from doin’ your thing!

    Big love to you and Jameson all the way from Brisbane, Australia.

    Madeleine H.

  40. Hi, AliceAnn! Last week I was just talking to my friend who also has apnea about how I know a boy who had a tiny mask made just for him. Then, Sunday I saw the link about the meme and I couldn’t even read it all the way because I was so angry (and still at a Super Bowl party) so I just put the phone down. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but your Mama Bear instinct is fierce!

    I know first hand how sweet your boys are and I can remember it taking them a while to warm up to me but eventually they did. I remember meeting them for the first time and made sure I would at least get a smile from Jameson before I left…and I did.

    He is your child. He is an active boy who was such a sweet helper when I watched them and couldn’t find the baby’s shoes or a sippy cup. I don’t know why or how people are such savages and “brave” behind their computer/phone screen but it needs to stop! I made sure to share the article and asked my friends to remind their children to show compassion to others who might not look the same or communicate differently and how they, too, have feelings. #choosekind P.S. I think you and Frank need a date night! 😉

  41. I think that photo is amazing (cutest thing ever) and that your beautiful boy has the sweetest face I’ve ever seen <3

  42. Hi Aliceann!

    I have to say that i understand you because my niece have the same syndrome, going out with her sometimes are bad because o most of the people’s comments, but she learnt to just dont care about it and go on, we support you! i cant imagine how you felt when they create the meme, but there are more people that dont make fun of that because we know is a syndrome, your baby is a cutie pie! are you planning to do the face cirgury? my niece got it done when she was 2 years old (now she’s 6) and she feels way better!

    Have a beautiful day and don’t get sad about stupid people comments, send a lot of kisses to your baby! feel free to contact me!

    1. Hi Katherine, Yes! Jameson will have the mid-face surgery, probably not until he is somewhere between the ages of 6-9 🙂

  43. Alice-Ann,
    I am rarely moved to comment on these online blogs but the photo of your sweet boy caused me to write this missive. The online, brain dead, cretinous scum can never truly hurt you or your boy. I hope you take heart of the millions of quiet and unknown supporters you have. Never let these trolls ruin even a moment of your day.
    I wish you and Jameson and the rest of your family much good will and happiness. Keep the faith!

  44. Hi there!

    I want to say I AM HORRIFIED. I can’t even imagine the anger you must feel as his mother. Your story, not a meme, was shared on my friend’s Facebook page which is how I became aware of your story. Anyway, I am not a legal expert but I definitely think you have a legitimate case here. This goes far beyond copyright infringement. This person used your son’s “likeness” in a defamatory manner. I believe you could sue for defamation and punitive damages. Perhaps Facebook is also liable for their inaction.

    I would make the f***ers pay. Quite literally. Good luck to you and your sweet, beautiful son!

  45. I can’t stop feeling sad and worried sometimes because this world is getting worse and worse. I can’t understand how people can make fun of others. I don’t think I need to know the name of this syndrome, in order to understand that I can’t make fun of something that it s not. I think it s all about respecting others. It s just that, respect. Most people just spread hate. I can’t understand. Jameson is an amazing boy cause you are an amazing mom. God bless you and your family.

  46. Don’t let the buggers get you down! You have a wonderful son who is enjoying his life and has a supportive loving family. The ignorance and hatred of others pales in comparison to the millions who support you and your fight.
    Well done mama bear keep fighting

  47. You can add “Die Welt”, a major news outlet in Germany to that list: http://www.welt.de/vermischtes/article152132591/Wie-eine-Mutter-fuer-ihren-Sohn-gegen-Mobbing-kaempft.html

    I just read that article and am very moved by your story and proud of the fight you have been putting up. Sending you many heartfelt wishes from Germany. I hope Jameson will one day wake up to a world that doesn’t care about how he looks. I am sure he is the most amazing little guy.

  48. I don’t have a lot to say, only that I think your son is soooo cute! He is lovely and please give him a big hug from me all the way from the Netherlands. And don’t let bullies get you down, they are nothing compared to you! Love you! XXX

  49. Those who have commented on the appearance of another must sure itself urgently needed a facelift to need let them comment so much that they want to you see yourself that there are many people who support you and your family so negative statements I would definitely ignore those there will be later also called but that is for then there are plenty of people who think they own model but which barely able to look in a mirror but on the other hand if your child that fine by me in a Hall of mirrors are believe me he can be seen there are so many people with a condition/disorder which may be seen so why not your child you must imagine that when they give him so much attention that it’s because they are jealous give them more reasons to be jealous and stay post pictures
    aaron , belguim

  50. Sorry, ich kann nichts sehen was mich zum lachen reizt. Ich sehe nur einen freundlichen Jungen der viel von der Welt um sich wissen möchte. Seid stark als Familie, ich weiss viele Menschen denken wie ich und wir sind mehr wie die paar dummen Lacher. Dein Sohn hat inzwischen auf der Welt mehr Freunde wie andere Kinder in seinem Alter und ich denke das zählt mehr wie die wenigen Dummköpfe. Niemand sollte über andere lachen, denn niemand weiss was in seinem Leben noch kommen wird. Ganz liebe Grüße aus Deutschland!

  51. Dear Jameson,
    your little face is so beautiful. I am so touched by your photograph. I am happy you have a loving family.

    Alles Liebe from Germany

  52. Hello
    I’m from Germany and I have read their history or rather your little boy and how he was mocked on the Internet. Take those people just do not seriously, when they ask me the truth faces, at least internally. Despite all Jameson is in my opinion super cute, like all children, there are now times. People claim otherwise, are hollow nuts for me. So do not be depressed thereof, continues your path and shows all what you have on it.
    I hope you can understand my bad english 😀

    Best wishes from Germany

  53. Saw your story on Facebook and just wanted to say your son is adorable. Fortunately, I do not associate with the kind of people who would circulate cruel memes, so I have never been exposed to what was done to your son’s image. You hear people talk about inner beauty a lot, and your son exudes it. His strong soul radiates from within and illuminates his happy face. Just wanted to add a little support from a total stranger and send good thoughts to your lovely boy!

  54. Hello,
    i just comment from Germany to you Jameson, and to your Familiy.
    My english is´nt so good. So i wont write so much.
    Two of the important things in the World are
    1. health
    2. a family that sticks together

    So, i thing it is to you, as well.

    Now, i wish you all the best
    from Berlin/Germany
    to you


  55. Your son is beautiful and you’re a wonderful mother! I am the father of an almost 2 year old who is the light of my life, I can only imagine your children bring you as much joy. It’s good to see no one can take that from you.

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