This Is My Son Jameson, and No, You May Not Use His Photo

A little over a year ago I wrote an article that featured my son’s sweet face all covered in marshmallow and chocolate, cheesin’ for the camera.

Now that sweet picture has resurfaced and is circulating around the internet. Except, that the photo has been altered. Someone, somewhere, decided for who knows what reason, to take that picture and create a meme comparing my son to a pug. What compels a person to do such a thing I will never understand. There is no way for me to know who did this, but for every post and share of this meme I will do everything in my power to get it taken down.

First, I have to say thank you. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart to every person that has stood up for Jameson. The outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming. I appreciate each and every one of you that has commented, reported, and reached out to us. I can’t put into words what it means to know you are taking your personal time to fight for Jameson. If you see this meme, please let me know. You can report the post, but if you send me a link I can file a claim for copyright violation.

There are two important aspects to this story, the technical and the moral.

Exactly one week ago I spent my Saturday night fighting an individual to remove my son’s photo from his Facebook page, where it had been liked 5,000 times and shared nearly 3,000. It was no easy feat and took 100’s, maybe even 1,000’s of reports being submitted, an army of people fighting with me, and a good 24 hours before Facebook removed it from his page. Success!! Only to find it on another site, with 1,000’s more shares and likes. My heart literally sank. But, we fought on. This one took days for Facebook to remove. In addition to reporting these photos as harassment and bullying, I personally filed claims for copyright violations as this photo was stolen from my published article. I could go on about each instance this meme was found and brought to my attention, but that would take too long. The meme was found (so far) on 6 Facebook pages (3 of whom are the same person – just a little harassing), at least 8 times on Instagram, and 10 or 11 times on twitter. It is on 9gag, Tumblr, and who knows where else. Suffice it to say, it’s out there.

When it comes to reporting on different sites here’s my breakdown.

Facebook: you need to step up your game. Seriously, your reporting platform is crap. Your first line of action is for me to send a message to the poster. Really? Then, how is it that you report something and “it doesn’t violate community standards”, then all of a sudden 48 hours later it does? How many shares or downloads happened in that time frame? Or how about when your Support Inbox sends a message the content reported violated community standards and was removed – but it was never removed.

Instagram: thank you. You were quick, in most cases it took much less than 24 hours removing the memes. Your reporting and claim forms were also much more user friendly.

Twitter: thank you, thank you, thank you! You removed the content within 20 minutes, yes minutes of my claim being filed. Only downfall was I had to fill out the form on my computer, my phone wouldn’t submit the form. I have not really done much with Twitter, but I am going to now. I feel like I should support something that is run that efficiently. After my positive experience with Twitter I want to become more integrated, so please follow me, tweet me, just say hi! I am a bit foreign to Twitter, but I am going to learn.

On to the moral part of this story. I could sit idly by and tell myself that there are cruel people out there and that’s the world we live in. But, 1. You stole a photo of my 4 year old son. Say what you want out loud, to your friends, in the comment box, but do not take my photo to degrade my child. 2. I was told by someone on Instagram (not so nicely) to “chill” because this photo is not even a real person, it was photo shopped. Umm, no. That is definitely a person.

If you are going to laugh and share this meme, I think you should know exactly what it is you are sharing and laughing at.

So, to everyone that “LOL’d”, shared, and posted that meme, let me start by introducing you to the child you find so funny. His name is Jameson. He is very real, and he was born with Pfeiffer syndrome.

What is that? I’m glad you asked.

Pfeiffer syndrome is a craniofacial syndrome that includes craniosynostosis (premature fusion of the skull). The best way I can explain it is that there was a genetic mutation on the gene that tells your tissues and bones when to start and stop growing. Some grew too much (fused skull sutures), and some not enough (mid-face hypoplasia). As a result, Pfeiffer’s kids vary from one to the other. Because of the severity of the mid-face hypoplasia and cranial abnormalities some kids have more issues breathing, eating, seeing, and hearing than others. Some kids have just 2 cranial sutures fused, others have all of them fused. It all depends on the child. All of this determines what kind, and how many surgeries will be needed.

Jameson has had 2 cranial vaults, an anterior and a posterior, he’s had 4 sets of tubes placed in his ears, had his tonsils and adenoids removed, and soft palate reconstruction to help his sleep apnea. We know other kids, younger than Jameson that have had many more surgeries, and been through so much more. Some kids have had very serious surgeries to place shunts to drain fluid and relieve pressure in their heads (chiairi malformations). These kids undergo multiple major surgeries early in their lives and they are never really able to “just be kids”. These are the kids you are making fun of. Let me also tell you there are a whole bunch of different craniofacial syndromes other than Pfeiffer syndrome. And there are also kids born with craniosynostosis that don’t have any syndrome at all linked to it.

As I read comments on these posts I realized how much ignorance is out there about craniosynostosis and the various syndromes that can be associated with it. So, I wanted to clear a few things up. The result of these conditions are not due to something the parent did or did not do during their pregnancy. These are almost always random genetic mutations. Meaning, there isn’t anything that can increase or reduce your chances of having a child with Pfeiffer syndrome (unless you already have it of course). If you are interested in learning more you can easily find information online from reputable places like the National Institutes of Health, and Mayo Clinic. When Jameson was born we found a wealth of knowledge about craniosynostosis and craniofacial syndromes from the Children’s Craniofacial Association.  If you enjoy reading, I highly recommend the book Wonder, by R.J. Palacio.

So, to all of you out there that are laughing so hard at my son, know that this in fact could be your child. And if one day this does happen to one of you that are out there laughing and making fun, I hope and pray you change your heart and welcome that child with loving arms.

If you are reading this and you laughed but knew it was wrong I hope next time you choose to stand up for the child you see being made fun of. I know you are out there because I read countless comments from complete strangers standing up and saying how wrong it was.  Just because you don’t know the child personally doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. It takes a village, and in this day and age of social media it is even more important to stand up and do the right thing.

To those of you out there that still have this meme posted know that a sleeping giant has awoken. You have poked the bear. You may not yet be familiar with the cranio-community, but you will. There is an army of cranio-warriors fighting for Jameson and all the other kids out there.

I hope my tone is not negative, if it seems that way I apologize, but I am a protective mother. I promise you that as hurt as I am that someone created this meme I am not naive enough to believe there aren’t people out there who will mock and bully my child. But, I will always do what I can to encourage people to open their minds, hearts, and lives to Jameson and kiddos like him. We always Choose Kind, and we want you to as well.

hearing aidWhat can you do to help? If you see this face somewhere it doesn’t belong, or if you see that meme, screenshot it and send it to me. Please do not share the meme. The screenshot also provides me with proof. You can also report it, as many times as you want. Unfortunately, that’s really about it for now. Once something is out there it’s there. Nonetheless, I refuse not to fight. It is absurd to me that it will ever be ok to target children to degrade and humiliate them.


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388 thoughts on “This Is My Son Jameson, and No, You May Not Use His Photo

    1. I just saw the kind même from his mom. I was searching for a meme to make my son laugh. That any person would make fun of a child, any child, astounds me. I know nothing about this sweet boy; my need to express a mother’s hurt was the impetus for this post. My god people, when you or your children have problems, should we laugh at you???

  1. You, my friend, are awesome! We have Jameson’s back 150% and let me tell you….this hit very hard with all of us! I visited the Facebook page, as well as MANY MANY MANY others, the puke that did that. He was threatened and I can’t even begin to tell you all of the things that were left to him by hundreds of people. I think he took his page down since then. If anything, it goes to show you and that sweet boy how much support you both have. Your response written here was very tastefully down. Why? Because your are a mother. You are classy. You are fabulous! Jameson has something that that animal will never have….a beautiful family and an Army of cranio warrior mommy and daddies behind him! We love ya Jameson!!! Big hugs and kisses!

      1. I am so sorry that you have to deal with people who are so misguided. I hope these people posing these sick memes wake up and realize they are unintentionally hurting a very real person with very real problems. I hope they see the error of their ways. Good luck to you and Jamison. May your future be lit with love and acceptance of those less educated about Jamisons diagnosis.

      1. Aliceann, I have not seen his photo, but if I do I will report it. I think your efforts are working because I am a facebook and YouTube nut and have not seen it. Have a nephew with a strange disease that I am still learning about, so you go girl!

      2. I ran across this article and have never commented on anything until now. AliceAnn, you have a beautiful son. You should be so proud! As I know you are:). You are a brave person and have so many people behind you. Much promise on the horizon for this little guy. God bless you!

  2. Wow! I am astounded that grown people, would do something like that. I’ve never personally seen this meme, but you wouldn’t even have to tell me to report it, bc it’s WRONG! I’m glad to know that you’re fighting back, albeit tedious, I as a mother, would do the same thing. Your son is close to my own son’s age. I cannot imagine the hurt it causes, bc ALL children are beautiful! There was a similar situation with a “celebrity” posting a meme with a little girl that has down syndrome, & had hateful remarks about a CHILD’S weight. It would be hard for me, not to hunt these people down, but it wouldn’t make them as less ignorant. I applaud you for your efforts.

  3. I reported this meme too. And left my own. Fb astounds me that they feel it’s acceptable to allow this. Stay strong and protective – love from another Cranio family

  4. Our son has crouzon’s syndrome which is much like what Jamison has. He too suffered from severe sleep apnea. His surgery involved removing tissue from his soft palate as well as removal of his uvula. The difference was remarkable. He no longer snored and his sleep habits improved greatly. We had to be warriors for our son as well. It saddened us to think that someone out there would be so cruel to a small child. We hope and pray for the best for Jamison and his family.

  5. I too have a 4 year old with Jameson’s syndrome !! I applaud you mama! The struggle we face every day going to the store out in public to have ppl yes grown adults that should know better stare at my child as if he’s a foreign alien from outter space breaks my heart into million pieces bc what others don’t see I see they’re amazing they have been through more in their tiny 4 years then most have ever in thier whole life … My son is my purpose he’s my my heart he’s his sisters best friend … He’s a little boy just like someone else’s little boy besides Gods paint brush just made him amazingly more unique !!!! We are blessed Beyond these poor souls that judge ,laugh, belittle a small child a child that is innocent in Gods eyes ! I pray for you and Jameson he’s so HANDSOME!!!

  6. Aliceann, you are a mama lion and I respect your anger. I’m sure that if I was in the same position, I, too, would fight tooth and nail and not give a rat’s behind what others think of me. I’m a RN, who works with children with all sorts of disabilities in a camp setting each summer. What some people have absolutely no idea of, because they have never taken the opportunity to know, is how much these children enhance your life just by knowing them. My heart breaks for you because of the cruelty of these ignorant people have put you through. Remain strong sweet lady, your beautiful boy is a rare gem. Know that if I see this meme, I will definitely report it.

    1. Thank you for your words, support, and work. Keep up your efforts with the children you work with as it has tremendous impact on their lives.

  7. God bless u and that sweet baby boy! Two of my cousins have something similar to ur son. Prayers that his photos are rightfully returned to u and not used in an immature way.

  8. Amazing what you are doing. You have b enough fight and love in you to defend your child as you should! Wonderful! Continue to show your strength in that it reflects to Jameson, just how strong and proud his mother is of him.

  9. ther is a spanish versión. I’m So sorry you all have to.pass for it. My baby is 18 months old and was born with Apert Syndrome. And We have same blessings with our kids. I hope you can do something about this page. Hugs from Mexico. Keep going you are such a good mom.

    1. Thank you! I am going to copy that link over to a file. I appreciate you sending that. Hugs to you and your sweet baby <3

  10. I am so sorry that this happened to you and to others. I will stand up and fight whenever I see your child or even any other person, child, heck, human being being made fun of or bullied. Your son is a miracle and is cherished. Thank you for being a proud and loving parent. Rock on mamma bear! And mamma bear, I will follow you on Twitter. You are welcome to add me or message me. Hopefully you can see my name and email that I entered below the comment box and if not comment on my comment and we can figure a way out to unite.

  11. If you drag the offending image on to it will tell you every page where the horrible meme is hosted. It’s called reverse image search and will hopefully give you a list of sites to contact, or hosting companies to send DMCA takedown notices to (which they can’t ignore).

  12. I think your son is beautiful! So proud of you Mama for standing up for him and not letting these idiot bullies get away with this crime!

  13. Your son is ADORABLE and so special!! I have a son who was born with a rare syndrome, causing him to have some unique facial features. You truly are an inspiration to me of what a great mom and advocate looks like. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for not being afraid to go to bat for your precious boy!

  14. We parents of these children know only too well that the occurrence of these births are more happenstance than genetic. Woe to these ignorant souls who don’t realize the universe will repay these deeds. No, not with children like these because we know the good Lord only gives kids like ours to special parents……but, in some way. And, it will eventually dawn on them, “Do unto others.”

  15. AliceAnn,

    I’m so sorry that you have to see such ignorance and hate; especially at the expense of your sweet son. No mother should have to see their child being mocked, bullied, or hated. No child deserves to see those terrible things either. Please know that you do have an “Army” of people who love and support you and your family. And we will do whatever it takes to take care of our own.

    <3 Jamie

  16. I have not Seen the meme but it breaks my heart that people would be so cruel. Every child is precious and should be treated as such.

  17. It’s truly depressing how you were trying to spread awareness and someone decided it was a good idea to do that to adorable Jameson and I hate that so much for you and him. I had a teacher with a daughter born with Apert syndrome. I did a project on it to educate my peers and found Pfeiffer syndrome as a similar syndrome and educated them of it as well. I’m so glad that there are people on your side, and I am glad to be joining you.

  18. I have checked your FB profile many, many times worried about Jameson. So happy he is doing good and his mom is being very protective…..which is definitely a good thing. There are bullies and bad people in this world unfortunately. Just shine them on and explain to Jameson. He’ll come to ignore those idiots. Jameson is always in my prayers. Please give him a *5 (high 5) for me.
    Thanks. Judy Gode

  19. You can do reverse searches on tineye – you might already know about it, but the site does a reverse search for images. I found 38 uses for you:

    I support you and your family. Internet bullies are cowards, and any time I can help limit the reach of their stupidity, I am game.

  20. You can also use to search for sites where the photo has been posted. Sometimes it gets sites that Google Images has missed and sometimes Google Images gets sites that Tineye missed but it’s worth a shot!

  21. This is just a sorry reflection of our society honestly. Having a son with a rare disease I can possibly see this happening to any of our kids. Thanks for your hard work in getting this off of social media. Maybe because of your hard work this will not be as difficult for you or other parents in the future. BTW I do know you or your son but I think Jameson is a cutie.

  22. That baby is made from God therefore he is perfect in his eyes as well as mine. It doesnt matter how he looks or how he acts a mother`s love is biast and i hope all can learn from this, Brava dear teach that child to never feel diffrent or except it we are all the same!!!

  23. Your son is beautiful. I’m sorry that people are dumb. If I see any memes, etc., you’ll be darned sure I’ll report them. Don’t despair, for every dumb person out there are ten who care. The world is full of good people, it just doesn’t seem that way. 🙂

  24. What a precious sweetheart. People are cruel and if I ever see that meme I will be sure to report it asap. You are lucky to have such a sweet and loving son.

  25. Your son is adorable, and so precious. It’s so sad that people have such closed minds and cold hearts that they could use his photo for such purposes.

    I am part of a Facebook community for cleft lip/palate parents. I have seen this happen many times where pictures have been stolen for click bait. It’s sad how hard it is to get them taken down. I wrote an email to Facebook asking for them to add a “this picture was stolen” (or something like) option. Who knows if a real person actually even read my email, but I’m hoping that they can get enough feedback, and do something about this problem.

  26. From one Cranio Mom to another, I agree. You are a hero. We are our child’s most important advocator. We will all report as many times as need be.

  27. Your son is absolutely adorable. Before I even read your article the first thought that came to my head when seeing his picture was “aw, what a sweet little face”. It makes me sick that people can be so heartless and cruel! I worry about my own children being subjected to internet (or any other) bullying one day. I just hope for strength in myself as well as them to be able to brush it off and stay positive! There are so many people here who have your back so keep fighting for your son! Give him an extra big hug for me 🙂

  28. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to deal with such ignorance. . Or with the sick individual that picks on kids. He looks so happy. 😊💖👍

  29. So sorry you & Jameson had to experience such ignorance and cruelty. A laugh / joke on anyone’s expenses is unacceptable. Many well wishes to you & your lit’l guy. Bravo for speaking out.

  30. Such determination, fighting for this, for your child! If I ever see that meme, I will report it, send a snapshot to you, and stand up for him as well! People often don’t think about the real people who are made fun of in these memes, but they should! Your son got just the right mother to defend and support him through the struggles he will face in life. Even if his image never leaves social media, I have a feeling some people are going to regret posting it once you come after them with a law suit!

  31. Let me say that I despise the word disability but cannot think of another one that adequately expresses what I wish to say. I have always said that we are all disabled, however some disabilities are less visible than others. For me, the only disability that I would not be able to live with would be a closed narrow mind, unable to see the beauty in a child’s face because that child did not meet a certain arbitrary standard of normality imposed by society. I see the love shining out of their eyes, the wonder that is the world unfolding before them, the discovery of the magic of everyday pleasures and can not understand how anyone could wish any child anything but love. How a person could be so insensitive, so lacking in compassion, so unemphatic that they would choose to bully a child who is in some way different and find that bullying acceptable is beyond my ability to comprehend or condone.
    They are all our children and deserve love and support from every adult they interact with on any level. I fully support you in this endeavor and want you to know that the great majority of people, in my experience, will feel the same way. It is time that we, as individuals and as a society, start again demanding respect for every person within that society.

  32. My cousins boy has this, and as a mother of many children myself nobody wants their child picked on and bullied, it is the worst form of cyber bullying for all the cowards sitting behind a keyboard “oh look at me I’m so cool for teasing someone and you can’t find me” does it make you a worthy human being, Is that what your dull mundane life gets you out of bed for in the mornings. Try getting a life and seeing what great OTHER things there are to live for then wasting your time (and time is precious) on trying to make someone feel as miserable as you obviously do (to the bully’s) , btw my cousins lil boy is beautiful I deff don’t see someone ugly I see someone beautiful he is funny and happy only around 1 yr old had a lot of trips to long distance hospital and we all love him so much.

  33. As a mom it breaks my heart that someone would steal a picture of your sweet boy to make fun of. I’ve never seen the meme but if I ever do I will definitely report it and let you know.

    Also I love your son’s hearing aid! I have a pink one too <3

  34. Sending love and kisses to Jameson from Paris, France. Thanks to mum for raising awareness of Pfeiffer syndrome and Cyber bullying. I hope all the nice comments you will receive will restore your faith in humanity! Unfortunately there are a small number of idiots who cause a lot of hurt but we will conquer them!

  35. God bless you and him! I don’t understand how people can be so cruel. My son is almost 4 as well, do I can understand your anguish very very well! Lots of courage and wishes to both of you!

  36. I read about what happened on a news site- I was horrified. People are so cruel. They never take into consideration that this is someone’s son or brother or nephew or friend.
    I immediately Google reverse searched the image to dob in anyone who was still using the “meme” online- and this was the only one I found.
    Hope that this helps. It is a violation of human and privacy rights and of moral code.

  37. You are one really brave, awesome mummy! My daughter is also born with pfeiffer syndrome and I can hardly imagine what you hadto go through in this nasty episode. I truly admire your courage and perseverance to fight these ignorant fellas! I also wanted to let you know that your blog of Jameson’s journey has been truly helpful and inspirational to me. Little Jameson is really blessed to have you as a mummy! Am sure he will grow up healthy and happy always!!

  38. You are a really brave and awesome Mother! My Daughter is also born with pfeiffer syndrome and I can hardly imagine what you had to go through in this nasty episode. I admire your courage and perseverance to fight these ignorant fellas and I wanted to let you know that your blog has been truly helpful and inspirational to me. Jameson is really blessed to have you as mummy! I’m sure he will grow up to be a healthy and happy boy always!

  39. I don’t think the meme was funny. I don’t think I’ve even seen it.

    But you are being ridiculous if you think you’re going to win this kind of battle. People save and alter photos for the sake of humor all the time, and that kind of behavior while immature and sometimes mean-spirited is about as protected as any case of free speech or expression. People are going to be nasty. There are billions of people, and the odds are very high that at least some of them are going to exploit things that look and sound irregular because right now if you can get your posts liked on Facebook that is what is perceived as important. If you don’t want people altering photos don’t put them up.

    What you don’t do is use a social networking site for years and then start a movement the second it doesn’t go well for you. Scrutinizing Facebook and other sites, as if you have some sort of widespread moral authority just because you got upset, makes you come across as emotional and illogical. You said you hope you don’t come across as negative but you do. You also come across as passive aggressive, self-important and possibly hypocritical. Have you ever laughed at a picture of someone?

    You may think that laughing at a picture or video of a man being hurt okay because it’s not a child that has some sort of physiological problem, but that would be because of your own personal idea of what is and isn’t appropriate.

    I’m also baffled that you don’t see the irony in utilizing social media to publicly denounce the act of using it in one of its most frequent forms.

    1. No, I actually don’t think it’s ok to laugh at an adult either. There are a couple of points here, social networking sites have Community Standards that you agree to when you use them, taking a photo that is not yours, altering it, and using it for the purposes of humiliation and degradation is a violation of these standards. I did personally send these people PM, politely asking them to remove the photo that they were not given permission to use, only one actually took it down without me filing a claim. Why was the photo eventually taken down each time, because it violates their standards.

      Second, I never said social networking wasn’t going well. I was simply stating very obvious variations in the way each outlet responded. My issue was not with the site, but with their processes.

      The meme is out there, I can’t change that. I choose to write about our story in hopes to spread awareness and acceptance. I know there will always be people who are going to do and say terrible things. I know that is a risk of putting this out there. But, can you tell me, did you know what Pfeiffer syndrome was before this? Yes, people are going to be nasty, but you will never get acceptance without awareness and education.

      1. Your stance is hard to believe. The bottom line is that if something is funny to people, they will laugh at it. This is even easier if you are far removed from the subject matter as most people clearly are.

        If you’ve ever laughed at anything, someone being hurt or embarrassed or anything, you kind of forfeit any right to get upset about this because while it may be funny to you, it might not be funny to everyone else. In fact if it is un-funny to just one other person you’re kind of guilty of the same thing, and I don’t believe for a second that you have maintained that kind of consistency.

        Whether I’m aware of the condition and the difficulties it presents is not really relevant at this particular juncture. My point stands and furthermore you will likely only serve to give sadistic people more ammunition in this kind of behavior. They will scrutinize you for being on your high horse and probably find you wanting, then get even nastier.

        People are awful. What more can we say? You love your son. You know he is beautiful. Don’t invite any more ridicule.

    2. Jameson’s mum has displayed amazing strength and resilience. The emotional and mental stress having to go cope with Jameson’s medical conditions is undoubtedly daunting, nevertheless she has taken the courage to share pictures and story of her boy in the bid to create awareness of the syndrome and also help other mothers in the same circumstance. No, I don’t think laughing at any other person (child or adult) with syndromes or disabilities is funny. Education should be given to these people to help make this a more civilised society. I do not see how Jameson’s mummy actions could come across as self-important or hyprocritical in any way. Put yourself in the shoes of a Mother so you might better appreciate her actions.

  40. Hi my daughter has Pfeiffer syndrome. She is now 16 and has had 38 surgeries. I want to commend you for what you are doing for your son. Although this has been a very long and rough road I just wanted you to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As I said my daughter is 16 she is a sophomore and attends regular classes and always has. We have also dealt with people staring and whispering about her appearance in the past and I understand your frustration. I want you to know that God will only give us what we can handle so I know you are a very strong woman. I think Jameson is an adorable little boy and I wish you the best in the future.

  41. Hi,
    Thanks for giving everyone the courage to face the world, the people who give them very negative energy. You both are blessed 🙂

    Greetings from Egypt.

  42. I am so sorry that people would do something like that. It’s cruel and stupid and they’ve got no right to use your pictures without your permission if you find it humiliating. It’s great that you’re fighting back. Don’t let them get you down. Your son is adorable. You have all my support.

  43. к сожалению шумом вы добились только одного – мэм начал расти в геометрической прогрессии.
    читайте эффект стрейзанд.

  44. I’m really shocked because of what happened. I love your boy at first sight! And I really think you’re the best Mammy he could ever get! Take care of him, your family and especially yourself!

  45. I’m sorry your son’s photo was used like that. I cringe every time I see any photo of children (or adults) with physical deformities being used as click bait.

  46. I cannot send you and your family enough love….a beautiful child…I cannot even comprehend what these ogres of human beings think they are doing. You’re an inspirational mother and he’s an inspirational child.

  47. You are a fantastic mum and I admire you. I am a mum of 2 and your son is a beautiful little boy. Unfortunately there are too many weirdos out there. Be strong.x

  48. What a sweet and precious face. An adorable child. If you are one of the gross humans who would share, like, or get pleasure from a wicked and evil comparison of this innocent little boy, then you need to be mentally evaluated. Im so disgusted by the sick world we live in. This face is so full of love and makes me just want to hug him and kiss his precious head. Anyone who does not see that he is beautiful is just plain empty.

  49. Not only are you raising awareness of your sons condition but thank you also for highlighting the responses that you received from each of the social media platforms. Very enlightening. It really does show the good from the bad. It takes people like you to make a stand to get things changed for the better. What an absolute little belter you son looks. He’s been blessed with a special mummy to stand up for and look after him X

  50. I’m thankful I didn’t see that awful meme.
    I’m also thankful for the education you have provided. I was a pediatric RN, but never encountered Pfeiffer syndrome. You being willing to share has given me an opportunity to lean about something new. Thank you for sharing your beautiful little one.
    Now I know where to turn if I see anything like that mene

  51. If you can’t handle a few trolls, get off the internet. Sure it probably upsets you to see your kid being made fun of, but acting like a petulant child expecting the world to cater to you because “its not fair” is only going to make it worse. Instead of getting their lols out and moving on to the next meme, YOU have ensured that your kid is going to be made fun of possibly indefinitely.

    And hate to break it to you, but any image posted to the internet without an existing copyright is public property. Nobody needs your permission to reshare that photo unless it is being used for monetary gain. So basically, good luck wasting your money suing thousands of people who are breaking no laws…

    Not sure if you remember what happened to the downs syndrome girl whose mother went on an internet crusade crying and moaning, but she ended up being the face of the potato meme for the last 7 years… its best just to ignore trolls andlet thrm move on to the next thing that catches their attention.

      1. definition of humanity is:

        the quality of being humane; benevolence.
        synonyms: compassion, brotherly love, fellow feeling, humaneness, kindness, kind-heartedness, consideration, understanding, sympathy, tolerance, goodness, good-heartedness, gentleness, leniency, mercy, mercifulness, pity, tenderness, benevolence, charity, generosity, magnanimity
        “he praised them for their standards of humanity, care, and dignity”

        What this article is relating is anything but the above definition. My guess is you’re a waste of space troll with zero compassion. We’d all be better off if you ‘got off the world’ along with others like ‘Freedom Of Speech’ above.

    1. Yes, this may be the LEGAL truth, fact and undisputed. However, there is a large empty space between legal and ethical, and in very simple terms, using an actual minor’s photograph to create a defamatory meme is unethical. No, most likely nobody can sue you for it. But that doesn’t discount the fact that you are a sleeze, with the emotional intelligence and empathy of an amoeba. And people like that really don’t have a “freedom of speech”, cause they misunderstand the term. Your freedom ends where mine begins. Maybe you should brush up on your amendments. Bottom line, hiding behind legality doesn’t make it RIGHT. It’s still wrong. It’s just not illegal – yet.

    2. Oh, Freedom. How wrong you are.

      Thanks to a little something called the Berne Convention, copyright is automatically assigned to the creator of any original content. Ownership does not have to be asserted or indicated – for example a watermark – for it to be in place.

      Derivative works which do not alter the original sufficiently enough to be considered original in their own right are, in fact, in breach of that copyright. It stays in place up to 70 years after your death, which is why copies of Mein Kampf can now be sold freely, as it’s 70 years since Hitler’s death and his estate can no longer claim ownership.

      I’m sure you believe you’re being helpful in this instance, but in fact you are not. Your tone is confrontational and condescending and your misinformation will only help perpetuate the myth that all things on the internet are free to use if there’s no obvious indication you have to pay for them.

      Aliceann has every right to be upset. I’m presuming either you aren’t a parent.

      Also, what the hell with the victim blaming?

  52. So many horrible people in this world to pick on an innocent (not to mention gorgeous) wee boy! Makes you sick to your stomach! The fact you actually had to argue with people to take that picture of your son down is breaching Facebook violations but then again I think Facebook make the rules up as they go along and Facebook should have removed it straight away! Those folk did NOT have your consent to use your beautiful boys picture in such a horrible way! I think Facebook rules and regulations needs an overhaul to be honest!! Sending love strength and great BIG hugs to you your family and gorgeous wee Jameson ❤️ xxx

  53. I’ve read Jameson’s blog and the little super hero has melted my heart, as a father of three myself,-I can honestly say the pain we feel as parents when our kids are unwell is unmeasurable on any scale and sometimes (we the adults) forget how best to stay strong…..but you summed it up beautifully, Super Jameson is a regular kid who loves to get chocolate all over his face, has tantrums, zaps all your energy but never gets tired…..boys eh?!
    Hope you and your family keep doing what you’re doing – don’t let peoples’ negativity creep into your lives and affect your beautiful nature.
    Jameson and your family will always be included in my prayers, Love Habib x

  54. A mother is a mother. To you he is perfect and he is loved. To the ignoramus outhere he may be ‘something’ to laugh at….when in fact his a beautiful little boy like the rest. Your a brave mum and people should be ashamed to even consider laughing at someones elses inflictions. Poor little lamb. Hes probably had surgeries gone through so much trauma i say hes brave and they are cowards!!! Xxxx

  55. There so many prayers going out to your little boy. He is a remarkable child and I will never understand the challenges that you guys have gone through but you are in my prayers the bad things will fall away and the light will shine through . He is glorious and wonderful and he gift from God. And nobody will take that from your hearts. Lots of support in a whole lot of prayers for your family god bless and take care!

  56. You go girl! Jameson is precious. He is lucky to have you as a mom. For every cruel insensitive clod, there are thousands more sensitive and caring people who value every child’s life.

  57. You’re son is absolutely adorable! Thank you for being such a strong advocate for your son and raising awareness to cranial facial differences.

  58. Somehow the internet has caused some people to forget that the people you see pictures of, the people that you interact with, the people that you talk about…are all PEOPLE. Knowing that it is hard to hold them accountable for their actions, they show their true colors.

    Jameson has something that sets him apart from many others and it’s not Pfeiffer Syndrome – it’s a mom that will stand up for him, teach him right from wrong, and love him unconditionally. If everyone had this perhaps you would not have to fight the battle against these memes. I am sorry that you have to, but I worry for those people, not for you and Jameson.

  59. He is a beautiful little man . I hope that he will grow up for a great man . You are a wonderful mother, who will be with her son in any situation. beautiful is how a mother can love her child, and thank you as ypu will not give up . I appreciate your effort . I congratulate the beautiful child. I am with you with all my heart and I wish good luck to you success in every aspect of life.

  60. To this day I have never understood why people feel the need to bully, anyone for that matter, but that just shows how insecure people are that they have to put others down. i do not have or was born with any type of disability or syndrome, but I have been bullied, and I know what it feels like. For a mother I cannot even imagine. But know there will always be people who will stand up against them and do the right thing; I am one of them. From the bottom of my heart I am truly sorry for the pain your son, you and your family have been going through, and I am sorry for the cruelty that others have caused.

    I think you have a beautiful little boy who has a great purpose. I have never heard of Pfeiffer syndrome before and I thank you for educating those of us who do not know what it is. I intend to read more about it and I fully support your, your son, and others alike.

    My best wishes!

  61. It is ridiculous that any thing, (because you can’t call one like that a human,) could ever take a photo of any child and do such low life scummy things as this person did,
    you tell that little boy that for every low life like them, there are at least ten thousand of us
    decent human beings who are parents and love not only our children but all chilldren, Let him know that he is precious and he is exactly the way God intended him to be, and the day will come when these low life’s will then reap the pay for their actions, when they stand before God,
    what does the Bible say?, “Suffer the little children and forbid them not to come unto for such is the kingdom of Heaven: ” that means Heaven will be full of children and you know where the other ones are going to be who done such things as this. Let me say I am truly sorry for this and he is a beautiful little boy, and please give him my love. Mary

  62. To be honest, his face kinda freaked me out when I saw it for the first time because I wasn’t expecting it but he’s very cute and it saddens me to know that he will never have a normal life only because of the way he looks.

  63. Good for you! You are a great mom doing what is right for your baby, no two ways about it!! And for all those cretins who shared, liked and lol’ed on that meme, karma is right around the corner calling your name….

  64. I’m so sorry you and your family went through something so horrible,sick. There should be a law against what they have done to you and your family. You have a beautiful son and enjoy him,being a family. Please ignore these sick sad people.xxxxx

  65. Sue them! Sue everyone and every site and every social media spot that allows the circulation of this DESPICABLE invasion of your privacy, the defamation of your child, the psychological and emotional horror they put your through, because ultimately IT’S THE SITES that are responsible for such things! You are a great mother, defending your child as all good mothers should, and don’t let any asswipe stand in your way! I can’t BELIEVE that people think it’s OK to use a MINOR’s photograph for creating memes… ugh. I’d bitchslap the lot of them. Furious, simply furious!!!

  66. You said it very well Mom. I applaud your quick thinking and the action you have taken. You and Jameson have more prayers and support than you know. Unfortunately it seems that the negative mean spirited comments get the publicity , I truly believe more good people care
    Bless you and your wonderful son.

  67. Jameson you are a little champion.
    Well done mumma bear protecting your baby cub.. I cant believe some people. After seeing your story via quirkymomma on fb i tried to google some to hopefully irradicate this horrible meme i found some all on one site and copied the individual links but accidentally close the Browser i was pasting them into however if you follow this link will take you to the page and you will just have to scroll through..

    Sorry there are so many A**holes who think this is absolutely ok.. 😢

  68. Stay strong — THANK YOU for sharing your story. Jameson is a handsome young man and you’re a beautiful mom. You’re right, there is a lot of ignorance in the world and you’re helping educate people. Thank you for making a difference!!

  69. My heart breaks that this has happened to you and your beautiful son, it should never happen to anyone. As a new mom myself, I am so moved by your incredible, amazing fierce love – you are truly an inspiration. I will be sure to forward you anything I come across to stop this from going any further. Much love to you and your fam.

  70. Jameson is a beautiful little boy, I am so sorry that people suck, you stay strong and keep fighting, i only recently found out about what your son is facing thought the links of someone else, just wanted to drop you a note and say keep fighting

  71. You’re an wonderful mom and Jameson is an handsome boy !

    most humans are so cruel , and you give us an example of love, pure love

    god bless your family

  72. He’s adorable! I’m sorry that you all are having to fight this battle. I love that you are using it as a platform to educate the ignorant. My son just finished reading Wonder-he loved it. It really brought out compassion and empathy. Best wishes! ❤️🙏🏻

  73. Jameson is absolutely perfect!!!! I’ve seen his picture before and reported it when it’s used as memes. I have 2 special needs boys and it makes me so angry when trolls use pictures of special children. My youngest looks “normal” now, just abnormally small but he did not when he was born. Not until he was about 6 months did his skull actually start to look like a head… But anyway sorry getting off track. Your son is amazing! So are you!

  74. What joy your precious Jameson’s smile bring to my heart. I am so proud you stood up to those who feel they need to find humor from their ignorance. You mom are making a difference not only to Jameson but to so many who read your story! Thank you!

  75. Thankyou for sharing a beautiful child. No matter what people may see on the outside, he is your boy who you love with your whole heart. He is beautiful, thank you for having the courage to to blog about it and share him with us.

    He is special and clearly wonderful 🙂

  76. Don’t mind the internet, as this here is a chest full of crap with a very deep bottom. The more you try to take crap out, the more you will find. And humour has this very bad side of winding up in appeals to extremes, what means that the “comedian” is just being inept and an a-hole.
    You are getting a lot of mainstream media attention right now (I got wind of this from a famous Brazilian news portal), but most of them are just vultures, so buckle up for sensationalism and cruel comments. Perhaps, you may want to consider ignoring interview requests and watching/reading news about this bullying for the upcoming couple of months. I’ve grown to believe that if you want an issue killed, you have to consider it’s dead already, just don’t bring it back alive.
    I had a baby boy recently and I know the feeling of justice-making takes over, but don’t struggle on too much, for it drains you, and you have a focus that is clear enough: love and care for Jameson. Sue when you feel the line has been crossed and the lawsuit is a win, move on from other nuisances. Being strong is not necessarily wining arguments over, but being able to move past them without letting them hurt you. There are too many stupid people to argue with, after all.
    Cheers from Brazil to the whole family!

  77. Let me introduce myself.
    My name is Renato and I’m a 30 years old brazilian guy.
    I read your story and I just can’t stop crying. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad to know your story and Jameson’s.
    I’m pretty sure this angel will bring you such joy and love that you can’t imagine. I wish you become strong enough to hang on about stone-hearted people.
    Send him a hug for me, I’d like to do it myself.

    Best reggards.
    Forgive me about my english =)

  78. Ms. Meyer AliceAnn , my name is Leandro Barbosa , I am Brazilian .
    I’m sorry for what you went through . Mankind is able to lean to extremes. Can make bad taste jokes as they did with the little Jameson, and may also have attitudes of pure love that you have with him .
    I do not know if you believe in God and his power, but I believe and know that He put Jameson in your life to know that would be loved, respected and would have all the necessary support for its development.
    The small Jameson is also a gift for his brothers.
    God loved us by sacrificing his own son for the sin of all (Gospel of John , 3:16), and all we let ourselves to be loved and we loved our fellow would not.
    I desire force your walk and lots of peace. God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.

  79. my 3 yr old and 5 yr old sit beside me as I read this article… they say nothing about Jameson’s features….they do however ask about his hearing aids which I explain help him hear. They wished he could hear better. My 5 yr old son says “he has a cool shirt” and happily walks away. My 3 yr old daughter says of his baby photo “awwww… he’s cute!” If they only see your son for who he is and why is it that the world would teach my children to see with different eyes? Good for you standing up for your baby. In a way you are standing up for mine too. We are all different. Let us see everyone through a child’s eyes.

  80. My 7 year old son studying with two twin sisters, Natalie and Melissa . Melissa had problems at birth and now has some motor difficulty , but his mind works perfectly . Melissa engine problem but not wear glasses . One day I asked him if he saw any difference between them , testing it , he told me : ” Father Natalia wear glasses ! “

  81. Hi, I saw this link through Curtains Wide Open today in my FB feed. I thought this might help you with finding where and when? This is a company here in New Brunswick Canada Really it’s something we all should be doing. Chairs don’t have faces so I usually post my chair pics. 🙂 Good luck in finding those that overshared and have no manners or ethics.

  82. Sorry if this sounds jaded, but have you thought about getting Jameson an agent? He’s clearly not camera shy! Plus his look is so unique, I bet he’d book tons of tv and film work. Even print work but that’s not always as fun.

  83. To the people that laugh what you suffer from is ignorance and cowardice this is a child that you are bullying while you hide behind your computer screen . I wonder would these same people be the ones that stop and stare or pass remarks about someone who is “different” . HE IS A CHILD and you are grown adults making a mockery of him how does it make you feel knowing you bullied a child brave strong or are you simply blotting out the imperfections in your own life by picking on someone you dont understand . so what he looks a little different dont we all My hair is different to yours my skin is different my eyes are different who gives a damn every person in this world deserves the right to live free of hatred and if you are the one supplying this hatred then the problem is you not this little boy

  84. What a beautiful family you have! As a mother of three boys, I couldn’t help but smile at those cute innocent faces of your children. I commend you for your courage to stannd up to the bullies and fierce love to protect your children. The world is full of people who seem eager to fill their lives with bitterness and hatred but your love will teach your boys to raise above it.

    Sending love & hugs to Jameson and the rest of your family! God Bless you!!!

  85. I am just reading about this bullying of your son Jameson and can’t believe the cruelty of people. My heart breaks and tears flow as I was reading your words of the horrible things these people did. My daughter went through bullying in high school and I don’t understand how people can be so mean. I think Jameson is adorable, and I’m sure he has a personality to match. Healing hugs to you for having to go through this. Take care.💛

  86. Aliceann,

    The world is indeed a cruel and heartless planet sometimes and the people in it can be animals.
    your wonderful little boy deserves to live a life of full of happiness and fun adventures. I commend you on your battle and after reading this story, will also be on the look out for the meme you speak of.

    I have a four year old son as well. I can not imagine how I would react if faced with the same sort of bullying! You have me respect for how you are dealing with it!

    I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. If you and your family ever make it this far north, you can count on my Ben to show Jameson real east coast hospitality!

    keep up the battle. Don’t let the trolls win!

  87. Stay strong and keep fighting for Jameson. You are doing a great job as a mom. It’s amazing how people can truly be so ignorant. Keep everyone posted about how we can help you remove any photos of your son. Xoxo

  88. God blessyou jameson ‘ s your soul and espiritud is the more precius and strong ,like yoy mother., and you are wonderful boy. i loveyou., and jesus loveyou

  89. I don’t understand many people. They don’t understand that harm.
    Never give up honey. Kisses fromPoland for you and yours children xx

  90. It’s sad that some people show a lack of basic respect for others, but that’s the way the world is. I don’t wish to chastise you for trying to make it better. I just want to caution you that you’re fighting an uphill battle. If you win this battle, it will only be because someone else is an easier target for “lulz” than your son. Someone else will have to endure bullying instead of your son. It never goes away. That would require bullies to go away. (And by that, I mean they would have to literally die en masse.)

    I see a lot of comments about not letting trolls win. There is an old saying on the Internet, one that predates the Eternal September: “Don’t feed the trolls.”

    The best reaction that you could have had is a counter-intuitive one, but a simple one: do nothing and it will all go away before anyone even knows about it. Don’t feed the trolls. But, I found your story on Google News. Had you said nothing and done nothing, the tempest in the teapot would have come and gone unnoticed. But you fed the trolls, and now it’s all over the news. This is known as the “Streisand Effect”, named after a similar blunder that Barbara Streisand made years ago.

    The simple fact is this: you love your son. Never let him forget that. And most people, if given the chance to meet him, would feel the same way. Don’t let a few rude people, on the Internet or anywhere else, take away your peace. It’s not their right, and it’s not in their power. Your peace is *yours*. Keep hold of it.

    And those trolls were wrong anyway. Your son looks like Tony Randall. Look at his chin.

  91. I came to this site though a Fox News story of your son’s picture being hijacked by some disgusting cruel people, and all I can say is I am truly sorry for the pain this has caused you and your son.
    I have a special needs daughter with DiGeorge syndrome about Jamesons age. She looks a little different and acts a little different than most children her age. Aside from her immediate health problems, my biggest concern is her life will be made miserable by bullies. God bless you and your son.

  92. Hai Aliceann,

    I’ve read you’re story in a Dutch news paper, and it shocked me. I was so taken bij the photo of little Jameson that I thought of it all day. It’s very painfull that people mock you’re loved ones, especially you’re child. I find it very brave what you are doing and I hope the people show you some respect!! Give you’re boys a big hug especially little Jameson!! Be strong and keep you’re chin up high!

    Lots of love and respect,
    Burgum, The Netherlands

  93. I was shocked and nearly flipped my lid when I read about those idiots on Facebook using Jameson’s adorable picture. I have an 8 year old son who has metopic cranio (corrected) and a 2 year old daughter with a cleft lip and cleft palate (in between surgeries currently). I couldn’t imagine someone stealing a photo of them and using it as an internet meme. How cruel of them! I am sincerely proud of all the people who helped you get the meme removed from FB and Twitter. Jameson is perfect just the way he is! God bless you for turning this into an educational opportunity in a positive manner.

  94. Jameson is quite a cute guy and yes he is special. And you are a wonderful Mom. I smiled in joy at his happy picture. Thank you for sharing.

  95. There is undoubtedly no shortage of ignorant people in this world, but there are way more of us who are compassionate, loving people who would be mortified to degrade someone because of their physical abilities, attributes, and general well-being, or lack thereof — FOR ANY REASON!!!! To say I am appalled is an understatement. Sadly, it is not at all surprising. This kind of bullying is unacceptable, and I am so proud of you for taking on these “people.” I am amazed at your strength and resolve, and I wish it were not necessary for you to fight, but such are the times we live in. You are an inspiration! Give our love to Jameson, and your entire family, from your friends in Waco, Texas.!

  96. I just saw this post via Hot Moms Club. I’m sorry someone has been this mean to you and your family. You have a beautiful son and he’s lucky to have you as his mom.

  97. I came across the article on Fox news and when I saw the picture and read the article, I cried. I am a 46 year old father of two, and they have taught me that a child’s smile, any child’s, is such a beautiful thing. You are a wonderful parent, a loving parent. God bless and be strong.

  98. I am so glad that you took the time to speak out and take action! There are many other families with various obstacles that their children are born with it may be physical and or mental. I am so sick of others being rude with no regard to the hurt they cause. I will keep you and your son in my thoughts whenever I see anything like this happen again, and will always remember the way you handled it with love for your son and knowledge to educate others. Thank You~

  99. Your boy’s sweet little face (your photo-NOT the meme) filtered down to me through my ‘moms of special needs littles’ world.
    We’re reporting it every time we see it as well.
    Every mom wants to be like a soft safety bumper who protects her child from the ugliness that’s out there. It’s our job. I have to say it’s lovely to see we can band together and form a thicker bumper for each other’s little ones when needed.
    Thank you for stepping up and telling those jerks it’s not okay to use your child’s image. I’m happy to part of the many who can say: “We have Jameson’s back, too, mama.”

  100. I just found the horrible meme on imgur. I can’t report it for some reason. I took a screen shot. I don’t want to share it here though. I can email it to you.

  101. How could anyone be so callously unfeeling is beyond belief. I’d never heard of Pfeiffer syndrome but then I’d never heard of friedreich’s ataxia until some close friend’s child was diagnosed with it. There a lot conditions out there which many of us are unaware of but we need to know about them and support the parents, the children, and all of those who are impacted. Give yourself a hug from me Mom and Jameson too. Well done!

  102. What a great mommy you are! I will not say what I want to say about people like that, other than that those are the people who hide behind their keyboards and would never say or do such nasty things in person. When I saw your website and your son’s pictures, I thought two things. First, you’re such a good mom and inspiration. Second, your son is SO CUTE!

  103. hugs to you mama bear. I’m sorry this has happened & I hope that there is a silver lining & this brings more awareness & kindness. Reading this breaks my heart, he is such a beautiful sweet looking boy. I too have a four year old & what kind of monster thinks it OK to make fun of children? Facebook is a huge part of the problem. They are quick to remove & block photos and accounts of breastfeeders, natural birthers, people who question vaccination or who are outspoken against many topics. That is awesome about twitter & instagram. Maybe someone like yourself should sue Facebook for damages. If they had taken the photo down quickly it wouldn’t have spread so much. 🙂

  104. You go Mama! I can’t imagine how painful it must be to see your sweet little guy being mocked, my heart would shatter. You should be very proud of how you’re standing up for him and hopefully changing some people’s minds about what is and isn’t funny. Cherish your sweetie pie…

  105. Your son is beautiful. This immaturity from others will turn into more understanding and love. Keep standing up for him and others. You are not alone. You are respected, as is Jameson. Much love to you and yours.

  106. Hi Aliceann,

    I’m a parent and writer learning about your story and I’m appalled and disgusted by the way your son was treated. I was wondering if you would be open to an interview for about the incident and how Facebook has handled it. Your fire and fight are inspiring.

  107. My first thought was isn’t he sweet, as a parent we all think our kids are lovely. How sad that some people don’t have a conscience or a heart when it comes to others, imagine being a thoughtless “bogan” all your life, that you hide behind a computer. So, maybe these “bogans” can come out of their hide hole so we can have a discussion about what amuses them and why.
    Come to think of it, I know who I would rather spend time with, Jameson you are a cutie and I for one would like to give you a big cuddle.

  108. I remember seeing your sweet little guy when you put out “He’s not scary…” I thought he was beautiful then, and I think he’s totally adorable now. I almost can’t believe that someone would take the time to pluck up the image of an innocent child to misuse in such a way. I’m sorry that you guys have to deal with stuff like that, and even more disheartened that someone would be compelled to act with such ignorance and cruelty.
    You guys are awesome. Stay strong, and let no one steal your joy!
    Sincerely, from San Marcos

  109. Feeling such a sense of pride and love for you and your family. No chid should ever be used in such a way, and my gut twists at the thought of you discovery that meme. Our son has saethre-chotzens, I meet the quizzical looks and comments from other children happily, each not so subtly stated question is an opportunity to build awareness. But this, purposefully being cruel for the opportunity of your meme going viral, now that is truly idiotic.
    I applaud you for fighting the fight for all cranio babes, spreading awareness and meeting this event with true dignity and mama bear strength. You are amazing!

  110. When I read this story it brought tears to my eyes. I applaud you mom for taking a stand for your beautiful child. My son actually goes to school with Jameson and has class with him and he tells me everyday hey mom that’s my friend right there he’s fun!! You can just tell what an awesome little boy Jameson is. I support everything you are doing and will help in anyway I can!! No child should ever be bullied.

  111. I have not seen the Meme that you’re referencing, but I do appreciate you sharing your story. I am a HUGE children’s advocate regardless of their circumstances, and in my opinion, children should ALWAYS be off limits to any type of game or prank. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ignorant people out there, and I’m so sorry that your family was hurt by them. As a mother of a 3 year old boy, I completely support you in your pursuit have the photo removed. I also thought the photo of your son with chocolate and marshmallow on his face was adorable. Cherish the original memory, and don’t let this override the sweet memory that is there.

  112. You probably already know about this but being in my 50’s and a little computer challenged, I was awed when my more computer savvy daughter showed me that Google has a feature where you can tell it to search a photo and it tells you everywhere on the web that photo appears. Great for tracking down copyright infringement for those of us who do handmade items.
    If you haven’t used it yet, it may help. He’s a cutie and I’ll bet has a heart of gold. I’d call the people harassing him toe fungus but that would be a dis to toe fungus.
    The ignorant people have always been around. It’s just that the internet has given them a forum and voice they never had before. That won’t go away anytime soon. sigh

  113. Hello Jameson.
    My name is Victor and I’m from Brazil, I read your story and became a fan.
    You have a beautiful smile, never wipe that smile off your face, you are a very special boy.
    If someone made fun of because you’re jealous of your smile …
    May God bless you and your entire family.
    But Jesus called Them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid not Them:. For of such is the kingdom of God (Luke 18: 15-17)

  114. Dear Jameson, i don’t know what is wrong with people, im so sorry! I think that you are a beautiful boy and mostly a beautiful person, you are brave, strong and so special! Your mother must be so proud of you! Please don’t let people that even don’t know you hurt your heart, keep strong always, you have a family and people that love you.

    Dear AliceAnn, im really sorry to hear about someones without heart or brain has laughed to your beatiful Jameson, i think this “shit” has to stop, it happens with your son and with so much people that maybe looks different, all the time in social networks people makes memes laughing about someone elses, please act togethee to stop bullyng in social networks, leta do something about it, you just can’t hurts other’s feelings and just move on, we’re talking about persons, real persons, that only deserve good things! I’ll search this photo too to report you.

    Kisses from Colombia and blessings for Jameson and for you, and a big kiss to the sweet boy.

  115. Sending you and your sweet Jameson love and respect. I’m sorry there are such terrible, thoughtless people in the world. Know you have all the “good ones” on your side. People around the world have your back. Give that sweetie hugs from all of us. <3

  116. Beautiful boy with an amazing smile. As an extremely proud father of 3 boys and 2 girls I can honestly say your son is as beautiful, handsome, and cute as any of my children; but most of all I appreciate that he has a mother who loves him so much.

  117. Beautiful baby, beautiful family…..I pity those who look but do not see…….thank you for standing up to those whose ugly actions define who they are…..thank you for sharing your family’s journey…..

  118. Hola soy de México… quiero felicitarte por esa fortaleza tan grande.. eres una Mamá increíble una guerrera… y podrán miles de personas hacer burla… pero sabes algo ellos no tienen el gran corazon que tú tienes… eres un ejemplo y Dios te lo compensara veráz que todo saldra bien con tu bebé… es hermoso y angelical… y tu amor lo hará fuerte…. les mando muchas bendiciones.

  119. Hello, Jameson’s mom! I am an active internet user and frequent many meme websites on a weekly basis and have been doing so for many years now. I want to tell you that, while I was sad that you had to go through that horrible experience, I have NEVER seen a meme with a picture of Jameson and I was really glad to realize that. I’ll also make it my personal goal to report any misuse of his photo if I ever come across it.
    Rest assured that you are not alone on this. Zero tolerance for internet trolls!
    And BTW, do tell Jameson and all your kids they look really sweet and adorable!

  120. I am so sorry that anyone would do something like that to your beautiful little boy. We will be praying for him and your family. Children are a gift from Heaven, but not everyone sees it that way. God bless

  121. Reading your story shows how beautiful and unique your son is!! I read your story in an Australian newspaper and your strength and courage is truly admirable. Peace and Love to your amazing family from Australia!

  122. I’ll never read your blog or connect with you on social media sites, but tonight I am thinking about you and your beautiful son. He may not be the same as all the other kids but he has a fiercely devoted and loving mother – and that ain’t bad. Good for you lady. I’m impressed!

  123. Dear Alice, I feel sorry for this horrible people, they probably never being loved and the only way to comunicate with others is hurting the innocent, Jason is so blessed to have an angel like you to protect him from people without soul, Good bless people like you with angels like Jason, God is with you in your fight and an army of angel to protect Jason, you have my support in every single way. ❤

  124. I commend you for the strength you have in the face of the cruel bullying you have endured and to tell you it’s the people who made such a horrible meme who are the truly ugly people not your beautiful son. Keep being strong for him and being an inspiration for the rest of us.

  125. What abeautiful happy little boy – full of playfullness and happiness8 That’s what matter 🙂 Good luck with the challenges ahead, it’s not always going to be easy but we are all behind you, your son and your family

  126. Don’t let those a$$holes get you down. In reality, your son is more beautiful than those ugly souls that would make fun of his condition.

  127. I love pugs!
    How is comparing your son to a pug an insult? I am offended by this, pugs are the cutest dogs in the world, and if someone said my kid looked like a pug I would be happy not angry. It offends me that you hate pugs that mush, what did they ever do to you???

    I really don’t get it?


    I am sorry your son has an handicap and I think he looks really cute but why all the hate againts pugs?

  128. I can not say exactly how I felt reading this. I would like to wish to Jameson a life full of love. All good things for him! A lot of positive feelings from Brazil !

  129. This left me in tears. Just know that this mama bear in Houston has your and Jameson’s back… I cannot stand to think how hurtful it is to see people making fun of your child. Love and prayers to your family 💜.

  130. I came across your article on the local news page and read your blog for the first time. Hands down for all your courage, strength and protective actions. You are a person that deserves the title “Mom”. I don’t know if you would allow us (me and my family) the honor to meet Jameson. He is a beautiful boy and want him, as well as yourself, to know that we support y’all 100%. Let me know if this is doable and if not, I totally understand. We wish you the very best in taking down all memes and in the future.

  131. Bravo! I just wondered whether you could turn this into a positive somewhere along the line. Perhaps raising funds for research or for another charity close to your heart. This is obviously getting a lot of attention which is great to raise awareness but why not raise money as well. Nobody ever wants to make money out of their children being exploited but if it were me that’s what I think I would do.
    Good luck with your mission, I back you 100%

    1. That is definitely what I hope to do. I’d like to start speaking at schools around the area and talk about facial differences and choosing kind towards others 😉 Not sure there is any monetary profit, but it would be such a wonderful thing to be able to do!

        1. Actually I think you misunderstood, I was saying that I wanted to start speaking in the community at public schools to raise awareness about Pfeiffer syndrome, craniofacial differences, and choosing kind. We have already reached so many people that did not know what Pfeiffer syndrome was, or what it entails. There are hundreds of thousands of kids out there like Jameson, and this is simply an opportunity to spread awareness to many more.

          That is something I am volunteering my personal, free time to do, not something I will get paid for.

  132. Hi

    I,m Brazilian, and I saw the case mentioned on a paper here. I have not saw the meme, but I will be on the lookout. I have a brother and a sister with picnodisostosis, and both had aparent mal formations on head and finger, besides a under average stature. They both suffered with bullying on life (as childs and as adults), and this kind of thing always disgusted me.

    Congratulations for your fight, congratulations for your son (he is cute, the picture of him makes you want to get to know and hug him).

  133. Hi! I’m from Brasil, and the first time i’ve saw the sweet face of this little boy was this week. My first thought when I saw Jamerson was all about how sweet and innocent his smile is, and how cute he is! When I started to read about the bullying some miserable people are doing I couldn’ believe it. This broke my heart that this beautiful and pure child was being trolleed for adults. I think that’s really sick that people can make fun of such a lovely Pic. You and your baby have been on my mind all this time. Everyday there’s a new post on Facebook telling your story, and today I finally found your blog. I’ve been wanting to send you a message a few days ago….
    So, first of all I hope you both are well. I also hope God gives you strong and wiseness to keep going on letting nothing put you down. I don’t know if your have a religion, but I’ll remember this beautiful family in my prayers. I only wish the best for Jameson. I hope he grows up very happily and beloved. I’m so far from you, but please do feel like that i’ve hugged you and your baby very tender. <3
    I haven't see any meme of him on my social media yet, but if I do be sure I'll defend and protect him as he was my son!

    I really hope you read this message. if there's anything I can do for you please let me know. and i'm terrible sorry for any enligsh mistake.

    God bless you and Jamerson. Love you guys.

  134. Jameson is such a gorgeous boy!!
    I have a 17 year old son & I’ve seen many memes that are shared on social media, mostly making fun of a person’s appearance and I think any one of us would be hurt by having our own or our children’s lòoks laughed at. It’s like people forget that those photos are of real people – it wouldn’t be considered acceptable to make fun of a person’s appearance in person, so it shouldn’t happen online either. We’ve got to educate our young people about how social standards still apply on social media.

    1. Yes! Lisa, I couldn’t agree more. The more people believe it is acceptable to cross boundaries they shouldn’t simple because it’s online, the darker our world will grow. Imagine our world in 50 years, our society is already centered around social media and we have to set and uphold the same standards online that we do in person! I agree with you completely 🙂

  135. Anyone who would make fun of ANY child is not a good person, end of story. Jameson is adorable and unique and will have a wonderful platform for exhibiting strength and teaching others about the amazing differences we all live with, no matter how they might be perceived. Stay strong mama!

  136. My daughter also has a rare disorder a deletion the short arm of chromosome 4. It has no nameHer facial features are also different. I would be distraught if someone did this to her. I don’t know that I would have the strength to do what you have done. What a terrible battle. God Bless!

    Some people say she is very pretty, and we think so too. Occasionally some people stare so much that she gets very distressed and we have to leave the shopping centre, or public place that we are in. I stare back! She has enough awareness and intelligence to know that that she different. She has other disabilities and is considered moderately to severely disabled.

  137. Hey lady, I found your article on facebook and i just wanna say that im disgusted. Your son is perfect and handsome as hell! It hurts me that people are so cruel. My nephew has downs and things like this make me nervous for his future. Every kid is just as gorgeous as the last and not a single one of them deserve to be put down- disability or not. The sad fact is that as long as there is people on earth there will always be assholes, and its the ones like these scum that will always leave the worst taste in my mouth. I wish you and your kids love kindness and respect in the future!

  138. now that i’ve stopped bawling my eyes out and despairing over the state of humanity i feel the need to say something. jameson, great name by the way, is such a lucky boy to have one of the worlds greatest and bravest mom’s on his side. it blows my mind that anyone can look at a picture of your little guy and think anything other than “wow, he’s cute”…i mean, those beautiful eyes! i hope the future holds many wonderful things for you and jameson and the entire family. sending you as much love and strength as possible. godspeed.

  139. You are a beautiful, amazing, standup mother who pride and love for her son and family is overwhelming. I cannot fathom what would ever possess a person to tease, bully, and make a joke over a child ‘s (or anyone for that matter!) illness, deformity, or differences. These differences are what make us as a human race so special and we should do everything in our power to respect those contrasts and educate ourselves. Loving one another is really not a difficult task and it’s much more productive than the hate so often spewed by some. I’m disgusted that an article like this even needs to be written but I’m glad that an individual of your caliber, with your moral, ethical, and intellectual prowess. Thank you for spreading love, acceptance, compassion and knowledge of those who may be considered different or special needs. I grew up volunteering with the special needs students in my elementary school, devoting my recesses to spending time in their classroom. I continued with this trend through college where I chose to make this a career as well as my passion. I only wish more people and parents had your integrity, kindness, and inner beauty.

    Thank you and God bless you, your family and especially your lovely son Jameson💗

  140. Salam aleikum!

    Jameson is such a precious little kid! I entered this website accidentally, just because I found the child in the photo too cute to resist! His face covered in marshmallow and chocolate, is the sweetest thing ever!!!

    Having read your article I am shocked how stupid, uneducated people are these days. Morons, there’s nothing else that can be said.

    Sending lots of LOVE to your son, and you are an amazing mom for doing this blog and spreading an awareness about Jameson’s Journey! Greetings from Baku Azerbaijan (tell him he now has a fan from a completely different end of the world 😀 🙂

  141. It breaks my heart to see people be so cruel to a child. I promise I will send a link if I ever see this anywhere. May peace be with you <3

  142. Oi AliceAnn,
    I Brasilian and I read your history today. I’m impressed with some people like
    are disrespectful. Do not be sad because is wonderful your family.
    We are with you.

  143. I heard you today on the Chip Franklin show and was incredibly moved. I agree with Chip, that you are a hero! I also think that the book Wonder, by Palacio, should be mandatory reading in the 5th through 8th grades. Continue fighting for your adorable Jameson.

    1. Hi Michele thanks for your comment! I appreciate you reaching out. I completely agree with you that Wonder should be a mandatory reading!

  144. All I see is beauty. His beauty, your beauty. Beauty through strength, beauty through love. For what it is worth, not only do I think that these experiences, with you to guide him, will make him stronger than most, but I think he will realize that there is a world full of people who will love him for his soul and what he make of himself. Look a Stephen Hawkings. One of the most respected man on the planet, and he found love. God Bless your strength. I sure wish I could give you and him a hug right now!

  145. Hello, I read your story that was published on Huffington Post, and I think Jameson is very lucky to have you as a parent. I work with Toon Goggles, which is a leader in on-demand entertainment for kids, and I would be happy to give you a free user account so you can have free access to our service.

    Toon Goggles gives kids access to thousands of parent friends cartoons, live action shows and games, and you can download the app on any device you have. As someone that works with a kids company, and always has to look out for the safety of our young users, I think what you are doing is great, so please email contact us at and I will be happy to follow up.


  146. OMG, your son is so cute. what a handsome little guy. He looks like he’s got quite the personality. a little lovable hug bug mixed with some practical jokester. i saw your story on :

    I’m so sorry the world is such a cruel place. the good out weigh the bad. you’re very blessed. stay strong. I know how difficult the medical world is too. sounds like you’re an amazing mother.
    keep posting those cute pics!!

  147. Your attitude is inspiring. It is an unfortunate truth that Jameson will be bullied more the average kid as he grows older. I have no doubt though, with you as his guide, he is going to be able to not only handle it, but he will end up leaving a beautiful legacy. Everywhere he goes, in everything he does, he will turn ugliness in to beauty, he will soften hard hearts, and he will make every live he touches better for having had the opportunity to meet him.

    Houston, TX

  148. I am sorry. I feel ashamed. I feel sad. It breaks my heart to see people being so cruel to a child! I’m so ashamed of human race… your son you beautiful and he is lucky for having you as parents. Aliceann you’re such an amazing person! I just ready your story in a news website here in Brazil, and it touched my heart, it inspired me so much… My older brother has down syndrome and I totally understand what’s happening with you and Jameson. I wish I could give both lots of hugs right now, you are amazing and keep up the great work of spreading the Jameson’s Journey.

    With love,
    Paulo Manso

  149. Your son is beautiful, so sad that still have people who try to make fun about it. He is just a kid! Don’t care about haters, keep your family’s life full of love, that’s what really matters.

    – from Brazil

  150. Just reading your story. You’re such a great mom and your son is adorable. You response was the best way to answer these mean comments. All the best

  151. As a pug fanatic and owner of 5 pugs myself I find it shocking that I haven’t seen the meme you speak of. If I do however I will surely report it to you. But also as a pug fanatic I can tell you being compared to a pug is not an insult. They are a neverending bundle of love and devotion wrapped in fur and some of the cutest creatures on the planet. Have I mentioned your son is adorable?

  152. Sadly found the meme on tumblr, sent you a screen shot and also reported it. Hope you don’t mind, but I blogged the FOX29 article to my tumblr. Hopefully other tumblr user’s will see it and be on the look out.

  153. Bravo to you for taking the fight to them, so sad that it was needed. People continually amaze me and usually in a bad way. I have never heard of the syndrome before and had not seen the any pic of him. If I see it in the future I will let you know and whoever else needs to be told about it, to get it removed. You have nothing but my best wishes for your family for the future.

  154. I am so sorry for humanities cruelty. Having the support of you and your family will be important in your sons journey. I am not very religious but please know that your son and your family will be in my thoughts.

  155. The innocence of little ones…
    My 2 1/2 year old son saw your boy’s pic (the second from the top) and said, “he’s funny.”
    I asked what is funny.
    My son said, “he has chocolate on his face, I do that, hee hee.”
    All he noticed was the chocolate (or whatever) on your son’s face. <3

  156. After reading the Today article about your quest, I thought I’d help by reporting at least one version of this meme. Although I know that this is merely a drop in the bucket, I hope that it helps your cause. We need more compassion in this world. Thank you for taking this issue head on to raise social awareness. Please follow up here to ensure that it’s deleted from their site:

  157. He not ugly he is beautiful and if anybody said he is ugly they are the ones that are ugly you are
    a great mother he is lucky to have you has his mother may god bless you and Jonathan.

  158. You’re 100% correct that poking fun at a kid over a genetic condition is obnoxious – I’m sorry it’s happened – and your desire to turn this event around into an opportunity to educate is great. However, I want to reiterate the points made above by Habouji. Habouji learned it from google news, and I now have from reddit.

    Your goal of having the image universally removed is just going to continue to add fuel to the fire – indeed, it’s already what’s driving the further dissemination of the images. As Habouji also identified, you’re running up against the Streisand effect ( and additional examples: If you let the anonymous, obnoxious hordes set the terms, they’ll win.

    I appreciate that you recognize “once something is out there it’s there,” but there’s knowing it and there’s *knowing* it. I’d really urge you to focus your effort entirely on the education aspect. Real good can come of that – it already has, in that people previously unfamiliar with craniofacial syndromes (like myself) are learning about them. Nothing good is going to come from pursuing a demand that the internet deletes an image.

  159. I just read your post about Jameson, and needless to say I was disgusted when I read on my centurylink website about the jerk who thought that it would be funny in some way to make fun of Jameson. It sounds like he is becoming quite the little man, and probably has already figured out that this can be a cruel world that we live in, and if nothing else, learn a valuable lesson and keep in mind that the idiot who did this probably has more problems than Jameson will ever have. I usually tell people that find humor in other peoples problems that they will soon meet a little bitch (pardon the language) her name is karma, and she likes to point out the short comings of her new acquaintances. I don’t know where I heard it, but just remind
    Jameson when stuff like this happens that people throw rocks at things that shine, and as I can see Jameson does. Sorry to go on so long, TAKE CARE!

  160. I am sorry you have had to go through this….just terrible. But wow what an amazing family your son has and an amazing mother to fight for him in this way. So glad this story is reaching everyone far and wide! Love to you and your family x

  161. I haven’t seen the meme so hopefully that means you are winning a difficult battle or that it was never that widespread. I hope it is both really. No matter what though, if I see it I will send it to you and also report it.

    I hope you little guy is doing ok and my family wishes you well.


  162. Your son is beautiful. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. There is strength and beauty that is wondrous to behold by those of us who are different…and we are all different and unique in our own special way.

  163. For some reason my comment does not appear
    I wasn’t being sarcastic when I said this:

    Keep up the good work, trolls are one of the biggest problems the world faces these days. Funny how people still worry about terrorists and cancer while there are that many trolls out there!!!

  164. While I don’t agree with what you are trying to do (I don’t believe in copyright nor in freedom from offense), I still feel sympathetic with your problem. So I will give you an unsolicited advice: do not fight the trolls, they feed on it. You speak of a sleeping giant, but you seems to have absolutely no idea of the size and stubbornness of your enemy; those are teens with little to lose and too much free time. Seriously, check the Streisand effect; you cannot successfully censor stuff on the internet, it just doesn’t work. Do nothing, and the meme will go away, replaced by a new one; fight against it, and it will become a matter of principle to defend it.

  165. Well done Jameson’s Mum…… how you are standing up to the bullies.
    Your son is absolutely precious and beautiful.
    HOW DARE ANYONE DO THAT TO A CHILD! (Evil is the only word to describe it).
    Your family is worth the fight………we stand in awe of your strength and love! 🙂

  166. 1. your son belongs to the internet now.
    2. Publicly fighting pictures will only make people post them more. I guarantee you that.
    you are now hitting a beehive and expecting bees to stop flying.
    3. With your “fight” you have literally doomed this photo to become world-wide known.

    I dearly suggest you that you – stop any fights. Acknowledge that all kids are butt-ugly while young and jut forget this. you are wasting time. this is the last good advice you’ll get.

  167. @ Mouhaga Habouji (my funky browser has no reply button)
    Did you know about this type of condition before you saw the story on the news? But now you do. Would you have found out about the condition and the courage of children like him if she quietly ignored it and just hoped it went away?

    As for trying to get the stolen picture down (yes, it’s copyrighted, an to any one who wants to know, in the US, an artist just has to put and name and date on their work — in this case an image– to give it full legal protection. BUT it does require defending the work as copyrighted , like the OP is doing) more power to her! As much as some folks will be jerks who think it’s funny to pass on, despite what many posters are saying, they’re probably NOT adults. They lack maturity at best and if calling out that what they’re doing as hurtful leads to their own personal growth at some point in the future GREAT. If not, maybe it’ll will at least led to someone else growing a little from seeing the response.

    Please ignore those telling you to give up “fighting” and just resign yourself to hoping it will fade away. THANK YOU. THANK YOU FOR NOT ROLLING OVER AND PLAYING DEAD. Thank you for a reasoned and insistent response that this is not okay. Thank you or standing up for kindness and fairness and standing WITH your child and those like him. The wold isn’t fair, and it never will be but that is NO excuse to not try to make it BETTER.

  168. There is nothing wrong with your child.. he is exactly the perfect little being that God created. However, there is something wrong with all those who make fun or poke at him.. they’re missing a soul..

  169. I find it sad that we live in a world where our children are targets of such cruelty. Your letter was perfect in defending Jameson. I have two boys of my own and unfortunately, I am the bad Mom. Being Momma Bear. I tend to hunt down the perpetrators and make their lives a living hell for even thinking about messing with my family. I am greatful they are finally grown, now I have grandchildren that I am Momma Bear for. I wish I had your beautiful attitude towards the bullying. I just don’t have the patience to put up with the drama factor of it. Besides I feel the perpetrators need to learn they cannot get away with the hurt they are causing. You did the right thing Momma Bear! Keep it up it does get better!

  170. While I am angry with how people are these days and although my heart goes out to the child you are fighting an enormous battle & an uphill battle as well. If I understood the story correctly you had posted the photo'(s) to keep others informed of your son, perhaps it would have been better to do so in email rather than on a website. You probably realize that now so no need in saying anymore about it.

    I do image searches all of the time and have done so for several years now and it never, ever, fails that I end up seeing images that have NOTHING to do with an image I am searching for. Not just one but dozens upon dozens per search. I might add that most of those are images that I would not allow my grown children to see. I will tell you that I found 77 photo’s of your son via a google image search before I stopped counting.
    People for some reason have felt a need to post photo’s of their kids on facebook, twitter, AOL, MySpace and other sites like this. They also, like you, have posted the to blogging sites which is about like playing russion roulette where a child is concerned. A lot of the names listed are no longer around but the point is that you really have no protection and or guarantee that the photo’s will not be abused.
    These websites only care about one thing and that is revenue produced by traffic. Blogging sites especially because although they are free to use, they are not free to the one, or ones paying for the hosting and bandwidth. Although you may not see ads on the website the website owner is collecting money for the traffic the site generates. It’s a long story about how this works so I’ll not continue on about it.
    Had you been able to get the photo removed a lot sooner then you may have had a chance to stop it but as someone already stated here, your only hope is to let it run a short course and wait for some other sick SOB to post something else to take your son’s photo from their mind. Now that it has gone viral it will do nothing but grow larger due to your continued struggle.
    I feel your pain to some degree. I am a father of 5 children but none of them are not in your son’s condition so for me to say I understand completely would be a lie. I wish you the best in your endeavor & I pray for your child. May your family find some comfort during these turmoil’s you are currently experiencing. I have to note here that the email address is not correct, not that I do not care for a reply if you so chose to but because I regard my privacy highly and thus protect it so. May God bless you and yours.

  171. Jameson is precious! Truly precious! For all of those that can look at his sweet innocent face and miss the true childhood joy, life must be a really sad place. Jameson is blessed to have family and friends that fight for him. I am a mother of a special needs child. I am also a special education teacher. There are far too many children who do not have someone in their corner. Bravo!! Praying this all goes away for you guys!

  172. I sent a tweet to you yesterday, but I just found the email reply and feel a need to express again here.

    Jameson is a beautiful young MAN who is not allowing this to get in his way of becoming who he wants to be. I hope that he will grow strong and wise and not allow those with hurtful intent to discourage him and put him down. I agree that there are many many people out there whose sole intent is nothing more than to cause hurt and harm to others. There are too many of those types in our world and not enough people to do what is right and just.

    May God bless Jameson and the Meyer family and give you continued strength to stand up to BULLIES who think that their way id the right way, which it is not.

  173. Hello family of Jameson,

    I am from Germany. Recently I´ve read an article about Jameson and this horrible person, who made stupid things with his photo. This little cute man can be very happy, to have such a strong mother behind him! Jameson, you are wonderful, but the world is full of stupid people! May god bless you and your family!

  174. I’m sad that this has happened to your family, disgraceful for society as a whole. though i am uplifted by how awesome you guys are for bringing this to people’s attention. you are making the world a better place, keep up the great work! i personally will be more diligent watching for these types of things, and reporting them.
    and PS, the marshmallow and chocolate pic is very cute. kids are the best! if only adults could all be as great.

  175. To the family of Jameson,
    I must commend your unwavering courage in dealing with this situation. He appears to be a fabulous young fellow. I have been around all kinds of kids with all kinds of problems and they are the last ones to complain about anything. Your story is valiant and encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Chris S.

  176. Sorry you are going through this. It’s amazing how the internet age has allowed people to be so cruel with complete anonymity, and sometimes even at the cost of children. Best luck, and despite that these pictures may never be fully removed, at least he’ll always know, he’s got a lot of people who love and support him.

  177. Love your story, reading everyone’s comments. It gives a warm feeling that there are good people out there watching out for our children. We must always be vigilant in our efforts. good luck with your efforts your little guy came to the right family and is lucky to have you in his corner.

  178. You go! It is time that the practice of sharing our photos in a derogatory manner on social media ends! James is a handsome little boy!

  179. I just read your story on Global News. I just do not understand how someone can take a family and child’s innocent/happy moment and turn it into something horrible. I treasured family camping trips and have many pictures and memories of those trips and it would crush me to have someone taint those memories as this person did. It brought tears to my eyes.

  180. It bothers me that Kids have to deal with this kind of crap. I was on the insecure side as a child but always knew that adults were safe. Friends were friends to the end and I think growing up in a “bubble” lets children develop more naturally.

    I worry for my own kids being influenced by EVERYONES opinion and I tell my self that it doesn’t really matter.

    But it upsets me that adults and people who should know better how to treat people.

    I saw the photo of your son and can obviously can see that he looked different but I immediately see how happy he is and that makes me happy.

    I’m glad that you didn’t just say to your self that it doesn’t matter what others think, and to make it known that this kind of thing is not OK.

    Best wishes.

  181. @freedom of speech: In fact, posting a picture on the internet does not make it public property. It makes it *technically* possible for someone to download and reuse, but it does not give them any legal right to do so.

  182. You go, mom!!!! Your son is beautiful and I just wanted to comment and show my support for this wonderful boy and his awesome mom and family!! — Brent Taylor, North Ogden, Utah

  183. AliceAnn,
    Your response to this cyberbullying is perfect. Thanks for posting the experience and helping us all learn how important these actions are. It IS possible to control how our images are used online.
    I have just started a service ( to help stop just this sort of image misuse online. I would happily help but we aren’t quite up and running yet. But I can tell you I have found about 12 places the images appear in a negative context. Do you have an email I should send the links to?

  184. Bravo for fighting back! It sickens me that there are people out there who would stoop to such low levels for their own entertainment.
    I disagree with those who say you should stop fighting back as it will only “add fuel to the fire”. As a strong advocate for education and awareness, I believe we should never stop fighting the ignorance that is out there. Judging by some of the comments on this page, it is clear that your story has reached and inspired people all over the world. Keep it up mama! Your beautiful boy is lucky to have you!

  185. You are an inspiration. Those of us who think life is hard, just need to read your story and take stock. Jameson is a handsome, brave boy. I am not as evolved as you are because I want these people found and punished. Someone knows who they are. It’s time to expose them. I’m not suggesting jail, but they should be made to get educated and work with craniofacial syndrome patients. That goes for all you idiots who ‘liked’ this terrible meme.

    When Jameson gets older he should be proud of the attention he has brought to this sad

    Your family are my heroes.

    Judy, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

  186. I saw the article about your son and the despicable way his beautiful photo was being used……he is a child, with a disability that he has no control over.

    I want you to know that Jameson is a beautiful young boy and he is very lucky to have you as his advocate and you should always fight for what you believe in – if you don’t make people aware, then who will?!

    I am a mother to an 18-month-old boy and I can tell you that if someone disrespected him in any way, they better watch out for mama bear! The people who did this should be ashamed of themselves and it truly makes me wonder how they were raised, that they would “attack” an innocent child in such a malicious way.

    I wish you and your family and little Jameson much love, joy and happiness. Be strong in the face of adversity. Jameson – you are an amazing young boy……..when you look in the mirror be proud of the person looking back at you!!!!!

    1. I agree Kara! One of the most heartbreaking things was that a lot of people that shared this memes were female, and mothers! I couldn’t believe it! Thank you for your support 🙂

  187. You have a wonderful, strong and brave little boy and with your support and guidance I’m sure he will never lose his amazing smile. You and Jameson have my family’s best wishes and my guarantee that we’re raising our boy to embrace everyone’s differences and understand their challenges as those are what make people special.

  188. If memory serves, I think I read a previous story about Jameson (VERY cool name, btw) where you implored people to use meeting him (or someone different looking) as a teaching lesson about people being simply people. I actually did just that semi recently with my 2 yr old and another child missing an arm. Lo and behold, they are inseperable all because I highlighted their similarities over their differences (with a 2 and 3 yr old, it wasn’t too hard). Anyhoo, you have a beautiful little superhero there…and we’re here to help you fight against cyberbullying!! Stay Well!

  189. Your son is beautiful…no wait… handsome. You are an incredible mother and woman. Unfortunately there are some very ignorant people out there. I imagine they have a pretty low self esteem if they feel they have to belittle a gentle loving soul for a laugh. I for one have never seen the mocked photo. I will not look for it online and I hope to never see it. I pledge to scold, and scorn and person who posts or share that photo to me. Then I will delete them.

    love and prayers

    Megan Okotoks Alberta

  190. Your voice is so strong and full of love and acceptance. This is so well written and has reached so many people and hopefully changed their perspective on how we comment and share things on social media.
    There is so much bullying and teasing that happens every day and I worry we are becoming desensitized to most of it. It’s important to use our voices and our hearts to be the change we wish to see in the world!
    Your son is so cute and I hope you continue to spread acceptance and help educate people about Pfeiffer Syndrome!

    1. Thank you Jenny! I just don’t understand how a person cannot accept another one for their differences. We are all so beautiful, we all have our struggles, we all fall, we all get hurt, but there is no reason not to love one another! My husband and I are completely committed to continue spreading awareness! This has definitely changed us, and all the support we have gotten from you and all the other people commenting has inspired and motivated us!

  191. I just now read your story on MSN news. I am appalled by the fact that people would behave in such a cruel way. You deserve an award for being so diligent and not standing for this awful behaviour of others. And your son Jameson looks like a wee sweetie and why anyone would insult him is unfathomable to me. You both should be very proud indeed of one another. He looks so happy and exudes warmth from his photo!

    My best regards to you and your family and I hope that those awful people will feel shame at what they have done. What goes around comes around, as they say.

    My love to your sweet Jameson and to your family.

    Chauna James
    Bedford, Nova Scotia

  192. I read your story on MSN Canada and I am appalled by the way people act. He is such a cutie and I hope you read all these comments and take comfort that there still are good people out there. I hope you win your fight and Facebook bans bullying posts like you have seen.

    Milton, Ontario

  193. Your son is so cute. Unfortunately there are people out there that are just cruel. I have two boys with autism and my one son is trying so hard to not let people know he has autism it hurts. I tell him be proud of who you are and for those who cant except you for who you are they are not worth hanging around. Let your son know he should be proud of who he is. Jameson is a young boy full of life and promise like anyone else and he should let his light shine. You are a great mother educating the obvious insensitive people out there.

  194. I am speechless and broken-hearted about the level of ignorance that is out there. My son has severe autism and I am familiar with the lack of compassion some people have, but for someone to use a child’s photo and make a comment like that with it is reprehensible. One thing I know for sure is that these children are truly special and they are blessings to all who open their hearts. Those who fail to do so are the ones missing out. Your son is beautiful and I am glad he has you to love and protect him.

  195. Wishing Jameson, your other 2 boys, you and your husband all the best and those social media misfits who think it’s funny, well I hope they never have to experience something like this.

    Former NY Yankee catcher Jorge Posada’s son was born with a craniofacial issue and Jorge has a foundation dedicated to it. This can happen to anyone, even the well off and famous.

    God Bless your family and everyone who is going through this.

  196. You go, mama. A photo of my children was taken by a co-worker at a halloween part and turned into a meme and spread like wildfire, so I have walked part of your walk.
    I use google’s image search feature to periodically check and see if it has resurfaced and have filed hundreds of copyright infringement claims.
    (You can upload the image to the search engine and it will find matches for you.)

    I wish much peace to you and your beautiful son.

    1. I am so sorry to hear this happened to you! I just can’t understand people. Just because there is not a physical boundary does not mean that there is not a line you should cross. Good for you for getting the work done!

  197. I wanted to tell you that you are amazing. Your precious, beautiful little boy is in my heart. I am sorry for the stupidity you have had to deal with. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  198. Salute Momma !!
    Here’s a big big Kudos from India. Your blog is being read far away and we all support.

    Say Hi to Mr. JUNIOR snd we all wish him the best for.his Future endeavors.

  199. I am sorry that people did this. Your son is sweet and you are a great mom! Try to remember the ones who come to you and your son’s defense and love and support you. Those who make fun of Jameson ought to be ashamed of themselves! Stay strong and blessings to Jameson, yourself and the rest of your family!

  200. He is just the most cutest little boy i have ever seen when i saw his picture i immediately said awe he is adorable. Condition or not he is precious in your eyes and god’s he was made just perfect if you ask me and i think you are the most amazing mother i have met standing up for not only your son but for yourself as well. i think the whole world applause you

  201. Found one of the sources- if you can get it taken off iFunny, it’ll go a long way toward removing the idiotic and disgusting meme. It’s not even remotely clever. Just sad.

    Keep in mind these memes are almost always created in a thoughtless moment by teenagers. Not all parents know about this pastime, and not all take the time to talk to their kids about it. Sad but true of pretty much everything on the internet.

    Here’s the link for reporting the meme and your ownership of the photo. Good luck getting this nonsense sorted.

  202. Don’t worry about your boy , AliceAnn …. I’m 6 foot 6 and have a weight of 220 pounds and look , I almost go through life as a whale on two leggs!! People are cruel , I know that already for 56 years. But I’m happy , very happy and the best thing I have done was : never take an account on a social media site as they are more a-social then social ….
    Enjoy of all the good moments you have together … you only live once!!
    Greetings to you and Jameson ,

  203. This little ”great boy” looks into the camera just as genuine as he is, full of joy and confidence in the world, that is what makes him so beautiful.
    I wish for him, he never will be disappointed and he will get back all the love that he is giving.
    Thanks to you and Jameson for teaching the world how to be loving humans, we all seem to forget every now and then ……

  204. your son is the greatest gift you can get as a mother , and how well you deal with the bullies . Even mature people bullying another if different look zien.Jou son is gorgeous with beautiful eyes and smiles and a warm heart .

  205. Dear supermom,

    I just love this picture and the look in his eyes. He’s just a sweet, innocent and happy little boy. Love him.

    Keep up the good work!

    Cheers, Jasper
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  206. Google image search allows you to take the affected image (best used by using the original ‘meme’ version) and hit the “camera” icon in the search bar in the browser and upload the picture to crawl the web and find that image.

    It may make it easier to find more occurrences. you also could set up a search alert to alert you every time google finds another instance.

    Good luck!

  207. Hello,

    I have reading your article from the Belgium msn news site…

    I’m sorry but I can’t me express well in English, but It’s terrible that people are so badly/cruel to other people…

    I hope that all this bad people that doing this to you and your son Jameson that the can get the worst thing in there life!!!

    My husband and I send you a lot of big kisses from Belgium to you! Xxx

  208. Hi 🙂 I am a mum in New Zealand, with 4 kids. I just wanted you to know that I never saw the meme over here (so it hasn’t spread everywhere 🙂 ), and also that when I looked at the picture of Jameson, I didn’t see what was different, but what was the same. His hands, and his arms look the same as my son’s. And the enthusiasm in that photo of him playing is the same too. I am sure you get the same hugs, and many other similar things too. I pray that you will have the strength of the Lord as you battle for him, and that you meet many many people who see the similarities 🙂 God bless you and your family xx

  209. He’s simply a beautiful little boy. He has a disease. How do you not love a child?Worse-how do you make fun of a child?I’m glad to see that he has loving siblings . Could you imagine not having anyone to play with and feeling so alone in the world? You’re a good mom. What a wonderful family.

  210. Oh my goodness, he’s adorable!! I can’t imagine why anyone would laugh or be mean to such a sweet angel. Thank you for sharing his pictures and his story and for taking a stand for the voiceless.

  211. I never saw the meme. I was shocked and horrified when I read the article in the independent. Just wanted you to know Jameson is an adorable little kid, and I hope he knows he is extremely brave and strong. Rooting for you guys!

      1. Hey I have some info about the meme and want to support you but for some reason my posts don’t appear. This time I try replying directly to you?
        Is there a bug with the site or something?
        You do know the picture is still out there right?

  212. Thank you for writing this. It was shared on another persons blog. Teaching children the beauty of being different is so important! What good is the world if we all look the same! I’m sure your son is a wonderful person, because his mother is so strong and caring. Obviously the person who made the meme didn’t have that kind of support system growing up. Let your sons beautiful smile be the light that can change the small minded people views.

  213. I Would Be outraged As A mother IF Someone Were To TO Do THIS To Me Sons OR DAUTHER l… I Have 5 Kids OF My Own And NO MOTHER Sure Ever Have To Go Through THIS I See So MANY Of THESE “meme” things and most of them are very judgemental and disrespectful…. this child is beautiful no matter what anyone says… people these days don’t have the morals like they use to and the Internet seems to make it worse… Jameson you are a beautiful and handsome young man and I wish you and your family the best and always keep your head held high you are gods child aND he lover you…

  214. Faithit brought me here… and I just wanted to give you and your son and hug. Well done! Im a substitute teacher when Im not working on my real gig.. and I see a lot of bullying and mean kids. You’re right, they will never go away… and as you know, it truly is just someone scared trying to feel more powerful than someone they perceive as different or weaker. I’d be honored to have your child in my class… I’d be honored to meet a mom that is as strong as you are. Bullying will never go away, but teaching kids not to react to it is a great plan. I was always the new kid, usually the shortest and I turned to comedy to destroy the people that attempted to pick on me. Your kid is gonna be awesome and unstoppable. Hugs and prayers to you both…( for the record, I never saw the meme…I just saw the article in faithit… YOU GO MOM!!)

  215. Kudos to this community for standing up for Jameson. My heart broke when I first read the story and now it swells with pride after seeing the response! You are the good in this world and thank you allowing us to witness it. You have a beautiful family and may God bless you in your journey.

  216. What a beautiful little boy!!
    As horrible as people in this world can be I think you’ll find in the long run your son Is lucky to have you and will end up happierthan the trolls who find things like this funny!
    I have a cranial facial disfigurement so I know how cruel people can be. I also know how important it is to have parents like yourself who are raising your children to be strong and kind and happy!
    I never saw the meme and I am glad I didn’t! I am glad I got to see your blog though and to learn about the happy smiling little man in the photos.
    Sending love from england X

  217. I believe that God knows who he is giving these special little angels to. He gives them to people who will love them and fight for them and raise them right. God bless you and your family. There is a little boy, whom I am friends with, who just had craniofacial surgery and reshaping of his head, due to early fusion. He is doing awesome now. Once again, God bless you and Jamison.

  218. Thank you for sharing. Now I understand what is up with my niece. I believe in God and I know there is an enemy. My God has an amazing Plan for Jamison. A plan that is good and not bad, to give him a future and a hope. Jamison is here for a reason and the world does not understand that. God has gifted Jamison for a special work. He is a blessing and not a curse. It is the enemy that comes to kill steal and distroy. Our God is Jesus so let His plan win. Jamison is a special treasure of the Lord. His body is only a house that stores a wonderful treasure and I think he is adorable. He is a child to be proud of. His inside will cause his outside to radiate your love for him.

  219. I just spent the last 20 minutes reading through so many of your posts. Your suggestion on how to handle a child when they point out another kid was extremely helpful. As a mother of three I never know how to handle it. I have a child with a brain disease, I have felt so overwhelmed. Your courage and love inspired me. I found so much hope in your stories. Thank you for sharing your story, Jameson is a very lucky little boy and you are a very lucky mother.. I will continue to ready your blog , as I can’t wait to hear the story of this little guy.

  220. Awwwww Jameson is so adorable! I am so sorry for your family that you have to go through all of this hate. I really wish I could do something to help you and your family. If I ever see these memes I will find a way to send you the pictures as soon as possible. It just kills me that someone would do this to a child! It’s just not right! You’re a great role model because if this ever happens to my son, I wouldn’t know what to do! Some people would take getting their sons called a pug as a compliment but not me because that person really is saying my son looks like a dog! I just can’t put into words how much this makes me angry because Jameson is one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen! Well all I have to say is………..YOU GO MOM!!!!

  221. God bless you and Jameson! There seems to be no limit to human cruelty. Your son is a beautiful spirit with unsurpassable worth and I feel sorry for anyone who finds humor in degrading a child. It sickens and infuriates me. Rock on, Mom! He is blessed to have you!


  223. I found one in an atheist group I belong to. I’ve told the person who posted it that he should remove it. You asked for a screenshot to be sent to you. How can I do that?

  224. I just read about this situation on a news site. I was unaware of Jameson or your blog, but I am now and will definitely be checking the blog out. I am disgusted when anyone makes fun of or cruelly tries humilate any person, any person who is different, and especially innocent children. Your son is beautiful just as he is, inside and out, as you, his mother also is. Good for you to stand up and try to protect your innocent child. If I come across this meme, I will be sure to send you the screenshot wth relative information. In the meantime, it looks like many people have your back and you are a terrific mother with a terrific son. Best of luck!

  225. Reading your story has brought tears to my eyes, tears for those whom allow their ignorance to hurt others and tears of pride for your and families dedication to educating all of us. I truly don’t believe that all people who post or share this type of low-brow humor are doing so with hate or malice, but just don’t understand that they can effect the lives of others. I’m hopeful that those people finally understand that their targets are real people with real lives and many face challenges the rest of us are lucky enough never to know. As the father of two small children I often worry about how they will be accepted into this society. Your story gives me strength for my children and makes me want to hug them tighter. Your son Jameson is a blessing and a cutie. I wish your family the very best with much love and support.

  226. Hello Jameson,
    My, what a handsome boy you are!! and I ought to know, I have three boys of my own. So I know handsome when I see it! I am sorry that there are some terrible people in the world. My ten year old’s favorite saying is “you gotta ignore stupid people” . You are a very very lucky young man to have such a great mommy! She is going to not only help you-but she is going to help little boys like my sons too. Her efforts will help the world understand that little angels like you and my sons are the rainbow after the storm that so many of us moms and dads love with all of our hearts. God Bless you, your Mommy, your family and all of the people who have helped your mommy.

  227. God bless you and your little man! He is as cute as a button. Good for you for fighting the good fight. We need to ramp up privacy and legal rights for the internet, which is currently the wild west.

  228. I have come across an image. Not sure if it is your son or not, as this child looks a little older, but I figure that you probably have a tight network. I screenshot the meme and website, but don’t know how to send it to you. Makes me so angry. I can’t even imagine the fight you are going through.

  229. I found the cruel obscene meme on another site, and remembered your article, and have asked the company to take it off their site immediately. The site is iFunny, and it really isn’t. I am so so sorry that you have had to deal with this, Jameson is a gorgeous little boy, and you sound like an amazing Mummy, and I know the majority of people with brains and a heart wouldn’t so much as even smirk at the picture, its only the sad idiotic cruel individuals that would even find it the remotest bit funny. I am sending so much love to you and your little boy. God bless.

  230. I just saw a story on how you fought back on behalf of your son and just wanted to say I find it heartbreaking that you were put Into a position of having to do that. I don’t understand what is wrong with people, he is a beautiful child although he had a look in his eyes that says he might be a bit mischievous and anybody that would try to make a joke of him or laugh at him has no soul in my opinion.

  231. I had read your article about a month ago and it has stuck with me….but not because of the idiocy of the general public but because of your love and determination to end the bullying. He is beautiful and with his family in his corner he will have a beautiful life…
    Sadly however I have found a posting in my feed that ironically was for a “fathers challenge”..
    I have shared the url…

  232. World’s best mother. Thank you for sharing Jameson’s story. It is a shame that there are people in the world that have no heart and for some reason feel better about themselves by putting other people down; even people they do not know. Shame on those people for using a child’s photo for their entertainment. While some memes are funny and can cause a great big viral share and internet laugh without any foul or harm; a meme of a real person, of a child that is poking fun of their outward appearance is not one to have a share and laugh over. Hopefully your story resonates with folks to have a second thought of what is funny and what is just plain wrong and for social media platforms to jump into a more immediate action to remove offensive posts. As a parent it is just one more thing that we have to teach our children in how to use social media responsibly and that their is an unpleasant side of the connected world.

  233. Bless you and your journey to protect your son. He is special and needs not to be cyber bullied before he even knows it…..supported on my FB page and shared to SHAME the culprit! Good luck and I have spread the word.

  234. Thank you for shouting out your experiences loud. Your son is beautiful and he deserves love and respect. Parent of child with a ultra rare condition.

  235. Before trying to learn or understand, people will ridicule. It’s pathetic and pathetically sad. Your son is beautiful and from the pictures you posted, he looks full of life. He looks happy, energetic and loving. I’ve worked and been friends with people with different ailments. It really distorts my heart and mind when people can be so god damn heartless and insensitive. But Jameson has a head strong, firmly planted family behind him. And because of that, he understands the difference between right and wrong. I’d rather see you (as his family) and Jameson to smile and walk straight through these people. You know why? Because they don’t matter. You’re all bigger and more amazing for facing this head on. Give Jameson a hug for me because he deserves on. And you’re amazing parents to be standing up tall for your son!

  236. Hi. Have just seen his pic again on creamymayay (whoever that is). I have reported to face book. Who are these people who like to ridicule? I don’t get it. Hope you guys are ok. X

    1. Thank you for looking out! We got that one removed. I don’t understand it. I probably never will… We appreciate your support <3

  237. Your son is Gorgeous and melted my heart as soon as i saw him.
    There are many immature people in this world.Makes me so angry
    Im proud of you sticking up for him .Much love to you and your family.
    I wish you well. xoxoxo

  238. Hello Alice and Hello Jameson. My name is Jordan Montero I am from Costa Rica, el pais del “PURA VIDA” and yes, I read your story. I love memes, but this… I think this is has gone too far. I have a son who is 5 and heck yes I agree and share your thoughts. I fully support you, Jameson and your entire family. This crap of bullying people who are different in the internet has to stop. I do not own facebook accounts and this is one of the reasons. I promess, if I see an image of Jameson elsewhere, I will damn report it! and try to take it down ASAP.

    Pura vida Alice, Jameson y su familia, que Dios los bendiga!

  239. Hi Jameson, you must be happy that an idiot have create a meme why? it’s easy, a lot of people have met a beautiful baby and they know that there are many idiots! I think that you have a beautifull eyes, beautifull smile and you are a beautifull baby. You have a warrior mom who you will grow well with love and you shalt give the same love. this is important!

    Happy life, my little friend.

    hey I want just a little bit of your cioccolate

    p.s. sorry for my english, it’s not so clean that I want.

  240. Hi Alice (sorry this is going to be a long message)
    What you and your beautiful son Jameson is going through is not acceptable, nor should it be tolerated nor encouraged, let alone ignored. You do what you know in your heart is right for you & your son.
    You are like a lioness, protective of your young. You won’t stand & watch you son become a joke for people who have shown that their life is centered around the misery of others, so they can feel an ounce of importance, which in reality is no more then an illusion from which they have created. I applaud you for being a parent, for showing all that you must protect those who are within your heart.
    Some may say you should ignore, as you are only kindling the fire by retaliating. Maybe they are right, but in saying that, is it not every parents duty to protect their young, especially if their young is not able to defend themselves for whatever reason. If a parent won’t stand up for their child, then what message are they sending out? Tough love? Or simply ignoring the issue and if so why? Whatever the case, you chose to defend your son, & you did so with education on the subject of pfeiffer syndrome. The more people that are aware of the condition the better, why leave it in dark? It certainly wouldn’t help the situation by ignoring it.

    One last thing, I found some sites that have memes of your son :/

  241. Hi, just read about your son’s experience after reading about a similar experience by a little boy called Grayson.

    I am absolutely horrified that there are people cruel enough to do this. Mentalities from the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, it seems just a bad side of the internet that encourages these thickoes.

    Your son looks a sweet little boy, and hasn’t had an easy time of it so far medically. I wish him and you all a happy future, and lets hope that the cruel inhabitants of the internet who did this become aware of the hurt they have caused.

  242. That just upsets me, you should not have to hide your son from the world just so he won’t get treated cruel. he is actually in all honesty very adorable. He may look different, but not by much. His eyes are just a bit bigger than most and that’s still too cute. He honestly doesn’t have but one thing that changes him from any other baby, his eyes are just a tiny bit bigger than most, and that’s still cute. Which I just repeated myself, but that’s still honestly all I see different. it’s not like he’s some monster thing. he still looks so friggin cute and I don’t understand how anyone else can see anything different. I’m not just saying this because of the fact that he was born with what ever it was called, sorry I forget. I am very sorry I forgot the name of it is though, i’m saying this because he really is cute, and he does not deserve to be treated like crap. he’s just a innocent little baby who can’t defend himself. I have no idea why people would say such things and get a meme started when one day when hes older he might see it. That’s just to mean..

  243. oh my god. i really don’t get who in the world would do this! i saw one of the memes online and thought “this just isn’t funny” i am only 13 and i have a brother who i fear will be “bullied” in the future.

    i am completely humiliated that people would do this you have my thoughts, tell him hi from me!

  244. I saw that meme and it bothered me so much I looked your little guy up and posted your story❤ Human beings can be the most cruel of all species (as recently witnessed in Syria) but seeing this sweet little smile and how much his Mama loves him made me forget the evil for a minute. We support you!

  245. Hello my name is shemshat and i am from Turkmenistan . I saw jameson on Youtube and that second he melted my heart. He is soo vute and sweet. I can’t understand why people take his sweet photos to make joke. It’s not funny. I just 14 years old and i can little bit understand what you are feeling. My wish he will get well soon and one day i will meet him face to face😍😘😏

  246. How could anyone make fun if a small child? He hasn’t done anything to you, or met you, so why would you hurt a sweet little boy. I’m sure he’s fully aware of the teasing and tormenting. Physical pain goes away, but words hurt a lot longer.

    1. Hi Pauline,
      I really don’t know why they took his photo. In their mind for a laugh I guess, but there are so many other ways to make people laugh and have fun. I hope, that one day they will look back and feel bad about it. Words do last a lot longer, even at his young age, he is very aware of the way others treat him.

  247. Jamesons mom. YOU ARE THE BOMB DIGITTY!! I have posted this on my fb page multiple times and will continue to as long as I keep seeing people do this. Including my friends. I did not share Jamesons picture but did share the “What I Learned” story in hopes it will help people see what happens and how it affects the family. Much love to you, Jameson and your entire family. And PLEASE give Jameson a hug and kiss from a friend that loves him in Texas! Following is my post.
    PLEASE!!! Think about this before you share or type AMEN on any post that is is of an otherly abled or different from you person, post. I have said this before and will say it as many times as I have to. 99.99999% of these posts are from some idiot that pulled a picture from someone’s page without permission. They post to get attention. All you need to do is click on the original posters name and you can scroll through all the stuff they have posted and you’ll see it’s basically all they do. Use someone else’s difference in life to get thier rocks off. You say AMEN. The person in the picture has no idea thier picture is even out there and doesn’t know you care. PLEASE PLEASE think about this the next time you come across a post like this. I will never comment or share or even validate when I see this. May God Bless all of us. Much love to all.❤❤

  248. My deceased handicapped son was used as a meme as well. It actually happened back in 2012, but I only became aware of the meme when a friend in 2016 saw Joe’s photo as someone’s facebook profile pic. She messaged me and I was horrified to find out through another friend that this meme was all over the internet. My heart was crushed – it was like Joe’s memory was being abused and he was a source of ridicule all over the world.

    Like you, I have managed to have this meme taken off many sites as I have come across it, but Google images keeps showing it in their search results. So my battle continues years later. Yesterday, I had 3 of the images deleted. Little victories.

    Most of the people I have dealt with on the meme hosting websites have expressed sadness that Joe’s image was misused in this way and have apologized. Others have argued that people are free to upload anything they want – this is the Internet. But they do reluctantly take the photo down.

    I am just sad that someone out there took my innocent child’s photo and misused it in this way. What kind of person does this? Joe was obviously handicapped and in a wheelchair. I’m also sad that people found it funny and shared the meme, for the same reason.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in your fight.

    1. I am so sorry to hear this, my heart breaks for you. I honestly can’t look at any meme the same again. Every time I see a child in any meme, whether it’s making fun of them or not I am saddened to know that the parents probably don’t know their child’s photo was taken.

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