Quick Post-op Update

Jameson is doing great.  Surgery lasted about 5 hours.  He was taken to the PICU about 5:30pm last night and has had a beautiful nights rest, it’s about 8:00 am right now.
My little man didn’t need any blood transfusions, and his last hemoglobin test just came back so they can take his arterial line out, he’s in the clear!
They stopped the order for sedation medication last night because of how great he’s handling the pain.  He’s had a little Adivan (sp?) and ibuprofen. 
A few hours post-op I have him pedialyte to see how he’d do, he sucked 4 oz down like a starved maniac, lol.  He kept in down so we tried formula next, he sucked that right down too, and has had about 14 oz 🙂

I have a lot to write about this experience, it’s been amazing in so many ways.  The dr’s, the hospital, my sweet boy, my husband (lol), the people we’ve meet, just so much!!
But I’m typing this post on my silly phone, and I can’t wait to sit down and share our story!


5 thoughts on “Quick Post-op Update

  1. So pleased it went well and fab that he didn’t need a blood transfusion. His scar (what I could see in the pic) looks great too interesting how different surgeons obviously have slightly different techniques as Billy’s scar has fewer but wider ‘zig zags’ its amazing how fast they bounce back isn’t it? I how the rest of his recovery is as smooth. Charlotte xx

    1. Thank you Charlotte 🙂 It is so amazing how strong they are! He is progressing beautifully, we have been given the go to leave PICU, just waiting on the bed and nurses upstairs to be.ready for us.

  2. I have been reading up on your blog and I want to say your son is very adorable! He looks so happy and playful and fun! He is a very amazing and strong! You are deff one lucky mama!! I pray for nothing but the best for your son and family!! Good luck 😀

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