After a very long day Jameson has made it through pre-op and we’re unwinding at the hotel waiting for tomorrow.  Jameson is usually very accommodating at his appointments.  Not so much today.  He must know something big is happening, lol.


Right now I’m not too nervous.  I really like the team that is working on Jameson, and Dr. Fearon does a few things in the operating room that other surgeons don’t.  He uses
a cell saver that collects the blood Jameson loses, filters it, and recycles it back into Jameson so he doesn’t rely on blood transfusions.  There will be a pint of blood there in case its needed, but using Jamesons own blood is the best thing possible!

His surgery is scheduled for 1200 tomorrow, it’ll take 5 hours :/.  We’ll keep everyone posted!


3 thoughts on “Pre-op

  1. Hello,
    This was the first time I’ve read Jameson’s Journey and will look forward to read more.
    My prayers to you and your familyand may Jameson operation do well. I am sure his Angels will be by his side during his operation.
    God Bless you, your family and your lovely little Angel Jameson.

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