1st Surgery is Scheduled!

After waiting a couple of weeks we got Jameson’s surgery scheduled!  We actually lucked out, apparently another patient decided to push their surgery back to January and their slot opened up.  So, Jameson is scheduled to have his first craniofacial reconstruction December 11, almost exactly 1 month from now.

If I haven’t gone into detail about what this surgery consists of before, I will explain.

It is impossible to recreate sutures in the skull.  What the Dr’s are going to do is make an incision that runs across his skull in a wavy line from ear to ear (this is so when his hair grows it’s not clearly separated by the scar line).  Then they break apart the bone, remove some pieces here and there, and shift some pieces into different positions.  All of this is done in the front forehead area.  And they will put tubes in Jameson’s ears.  There is a whole team of Dr’s in the operating room – a craniofacial surgeon, pediatric neurosurgeon, anthropologist, geneticist, psychologist, neuroradiologist, ENT, craniofacial nurse coordinator, and a speech pathologist!

Jameson’s surgery is scheduled on Tuesday at 10:30, so he is the second patient of the day.  We will arrive on Monday for his pre-op, and he’ll spend 2 days after his surgery in the hospital.  So, we’ll be in Dallas for about 4 days :/.   I am nervous, there’s no doubt about that.  I am praying that there are no complications and we can celebrate the holidays and Jamson’s 1st birthday with this behind us.  I know this is the first of multiple surgeries – another reason why I hope it goes smoothly, I don’t want a bad taste in my mouth the next time we have to go through this.  But, I have complete faith in Dr. Fearon and his team, so I know my worries are maternal more than anything else.

In the meantime there is plenty to do.  Jameson will get his weekly shot of Procrit, and I will coordinate with our insurance and my work.  None of which is an issue, just tasks that are added to my to-do list.  And we’ll definitely make time for some Christmas shopping!  Still not sure about what Santa is bringing yet!


SN:  Jimmy Pfeiffer Dragon Meyer is at the publisher being edited, so it is almost ready!  

Taken for Jimmy Pfeiffer Dragon Meyer (He’s wearing dragon feet, hehe!)


3 thoughts on “1st Surgery is Scheduled!

  1. Good luck I’m sure it will all go brilliantly. Great that you managed to get a slot before Christmas too, so won’t have it hanging over you for the holidays.
    We’re off for the first of our 2 days of pre op tests ahead of Thursday today.
    Love the picture of you all 🙂

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