Sleep Study

ImageJameson and I went up to Dallas this past Tuesday for his first sleep study and to have another follow-up with Dr. Fearon.

We had a 3 hour drive up to Dallas and Jameson slept the ENTIRE way.  He literally woke up as we pulled into the parking garage.  While I did appreciate the easy drive, my first thought was that he wasn’t going to sleep for his sleep study!  Jameson usually only has a couple small naps during the day and goes to bed around 8-9pm and sleeps until 7am…with his three hour nap I knew he was not going down at 8 or 9pm.

We got checked in on the neuro-ward about 7:15pm.  It was kinda like a mini-hotel room.  There was a queen size bed, TV, and crib in the room.  We got settled and the nurses came in around 8:00 to get Jameson ready.

He was so excited at first.  I think he believed the nurses were coming in just to play with him 🙂  The process of getting him all hooked up took about 30-45 minutes.  He was actually pretty good throughout the process.  Hi excitement wore off though, and by the end he was just staring at the nurses giving them a serious wtf look, lol.

Of course he tried to pull the wires out of the box, and he absolutely hated the tubes on his nose, I think he pulled those out 3-4 times.  He also kept pulling his pulsox off – it glowed bright red and he was playing with it more so than trying to pull it off.  He ended up falling asleep about 9:30pm, I was honestly surprised, but he woke up 30 minutes later.  He refused to sleep after that.  I tried everything.  I couldn’t walk very far because of everything that he was hooked up to, but he finally fell asleep passed out on my chest at 2:00am.  They woke him up at 6:00am, so he got 4 good hours of sleep in for the study.

Before we left I honestly had no idea what to expect for this sleep study.  I wasn’t surprised that Jameson didn’t love it, he’s old enough and aware enough now that I knew he wouldn’t like all the wires hooked up to him.  But, I think he was actually as good as any baby/toddler could be.  He didn’t fight or scream through any of it.  He loved the nurses and got all smiley every time they came in the room.  The only real downside was that we were up at 6am and had to kill 8+ hours before we could see Dr. Fearon and get his results.



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