8 Months

Little Jimmy has been a very busy little boy lately.  For starter’s he is into EVERYTHING!  He loves to make a dash for the back porch as soon as he sees the door open.  He also loves chasing his big brother around the house, and the two of them love to play wrestle with each other.  He also follows my tattoo’s and tries to play with them.  At first I thought he was chasing my legs (I’m sure he partly was), but then I noticed he was really just going for the koi fish on my leg, lol.

We’ve also been really busy with appointment’s the lat few months.  Jameson had a hearing follow-up with an audiologist at the end of July.  In addition to the hearing test where they read the feedback coming from your ears, Jameson sat in the booth with speakers that got louder until he responded to the sound and turned his head toward the speaker making the sound.  It took a lot for Jameson to respond.  Not surprisingly, the doctor recommended Jameson get fitted for hearing aids after he has his tubes put in.  That’s another 5-6 months away, so we have a second opinion appointment tomorrow to try and get him fitted for his “magic ear buttons”* now instead of waiting.

Jameson has also been seeing a speech therapist for a month or so now.  He loves her!  It’s really a play session more than anything else, but we have definitely noticed an increase with his communication.  We have started to teach both him and Jackson some basic sign language that the speech therapist has showed us – Eat, More, All Done, Ball, and Thank You.  🙂

Running around to all of these appointments does get tiresome, and makes me even more grateful for the small moments we have all have together.  Little Jimmy is such a happy boy that I don’t have any questions or doubts about all of the appointments.  I am so thankful that he continues to be a happy and healthy little boy!

Next month we are heading back up to Dallas for another follow-up with Dr. Fearon.  This will be an overnight visit, Jameson is going to have his first sleep-study.  He sleeps great at home, he usually gets about 10-12 hours of sleep without waking up during the night, and a few short naps throughout the day.  He does snore quite loudly tho :/.  So, I am crossing my fingers and sending prayers that he passes his study.  I can’t imagine getting him to wear a CPAP!

*Magic Ear Buttons are hearing aids; a reference from a children’s book Jameson’s Nana, my mom, is writing.  I am so excited about it and can’t wait until it’s published to share with everyone!  Stay Tuned!

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