6 Months…Already?

Time seems to be going by so quickly.  I almost don’t even know what to write about because it feels like I say the same thing each month 😉

Jameson is doing great, he gets more mobile each month and just continues to grow and develop.  Although he is still a pretty small guy, he’s up to about 14-15 lbs now, but like I’ve said before he has more than doubled his birth weight and he continues to develop in every other way so he’s just my little peanut!  He has taken on the nickname Slim Jim now, but Jackson ever so lovingly reminds me that his name is Jameson, lol.

He’s been eating solids for a month or so now and he devours his food.  He loves plums and carrots the most, but he is pretty content with whatever is on the menu – he eats sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, apples, pears, plums and bananas.  His least favorite is banana, I’m not sure why, babies usually love bananas.  He’s been eating in the bumbo, but I am afraid we have to upgrade to a high chair.  Jackson never needed one he went straight from the bumbo to a booster chair, but Jameson is so skinny that he is constantly wiggling and can almost crawl right out of the bumbo – Jackson was nice and fat so he was pretty much just stuck in the thing.

His hand-eye coordination has really developed.  Pretty much anything you put in front of him gets picked up and put in his mouth – we’ve had to start separating some of Jackson’s toys.  Jameson tried to eat a Transformer and when I took it away he got SO mad at me!  He has grabbed for his spoon a couple times and he has successfully picked up his pacifier and put it in his mouth a couple times too.  He desperately wants to hold his bottle but doesn’t quite have that one down.

Jameson has definitely graduated from infant to baby.  He doesn’t want to be held much unless he’s tired, and is pretty active during his awake hours.  He’s either in his exersaucer or down on his playmat flopping from one side to the other.  He loves to play with the baby rings that are linked together or his “car keys”.  It’s funny because Jameson likes to “bang” his toys and Jackson will tell him – ‘Jameson, stop banging your toys’ – I have tried to explain that it’s just his way of playing, but Jackson insists that he is banging his toys and he is NOT allowed to do that (because Jackson is not allowed to bang or throw toys inside).

Teeth!  We have teeth, yes multiple!  I knew they were coming last month and they popped up within days of one another.  And they are definitely “Pfeiffer Teeth”.  You have to really open his mouth to see them because they are back almost where a molar would be.  So, he’s got 2 one one top and one directly below on the bottom in the side/back of his mouth and one is popping up on the bottom right in front, so 3 total already.  Very peculiar, but from what I understand perfectly normal for Pfeiffer’s.  He’s gonna have a mouthful for sure when they all come in!

It’s hard to describe the way Jameson talks.  He’s not a babbler.  Sometimes in the mornings he’s a little babbly.  But when he wants your attention or wants to “talk” to you it’s a cross between a yell/grunt/bark.  It’s too funny.  It’s not an upset kinda thing.  He’ll be playing and it sounds like he says “HEY” really loud like it’s coming from the barrel of his belly.

On another note, I recently stumbled across Races for Faces.  It’s in New York and I wish I could do this race!  I fully plan to do it next year.  We are very fortunate that our health insurance covers Jameson’s care and his future surgeries and I can only imagine what families that aren’t so fortunate must go through when it comes to paying for medical care for their children so I want to support this event as much as I can.  So come next year/race I hope everyone will help me fund raise!

Slim Jim!
Got my car keys
Got my car keys AND my feet!
On the Move
Yes! Pacifier Success!
Somehow made it way over here!

5 thoughts on “6 Months…Already?

  1. Actually you can really see that Slim Jim is putting on weight. Just 1-2 lbs in the past month have made his thighs and arms start to look chunky. And Yes, we we help to fund raise!

  2. Hi, I found your blog today, just wanted to say your Jameson is a real cutie and Jacksin sounds fab! My son Billy has Sagittal craniosynostosis though his is not related to a syndrome. It’s nice to ‘meet’ other Cranio mums (and dads), I wish you and your family all the best.

    1. Thank you! It is nice to “meet” you too. How old is your Billy? It is still a hard thing to go through, syndrome or not – having your baby go under such a major surgery is heart wrenching. But I have been amazed at the outreach and support of the cranio community. I really enjoy writing about Jameson, he makes my heart swell with pride! I hope you hang around and I get to “know” you better 😉

  3. I’ll ceratinly be hanging around!
    It is horroble seeing them so helpless in hospital isnt it. I was bad enough when he had his kidney operation and that was relitivly minor. We’re looking at cranio surgery when he’s around 12-15 months. We have another meeting with our cranio team in Oxford at the end of the month so hopefully we can narrow the date down a bit then. I hate not knowing, means i can’t start to properly prepare for it!

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