4 Months!

This last month has gone by very fast for me.  I was gone for work for 10 days and it seemed that both of my boys grew while I was gone!

Jameson has only added a 1lb since last month, he’s 13 lbs now.  He seems so much bigger to me for some reason tho.  When I pick him up he feels big and muscly and he seems like he’s grown longer.  He goes in for his 4 month Well Check on the 16th so I will have exact measurements then.

So far Jameson continues to hit all of his motor development milestones – which I am so thankful for.  I get so excited for him when a new development emerges, and I find I am watching him grow with such enjoyment and excitement – really the same feelings I had watching Jackson grow and develop at this age.  Jameson is now propping himself up on his forearms when you lay him on his belly and he really seems to enjoy being put down to play.  He kicks his legs out and wiggles his hips, and when he’s on his back he wiggles so much he’s almost about to roll himself over.  When I saw how strong he was on his belly I got Jackson’s old exersaucer and put him in it – he loves it!  His feet barely touch, but when he gets really excited he stretches out enough to where they reach!

A little clip of tummy time!


In my heart I still do believe that Jameson has a hearing impairment.  But my heart is also steady and sound;  and I believe that once Jameson goes in for his first surgery and has tubes put in his ears this will help – if not I know a hearing aid will do the trick.  Having previous hearing exams that showed he “has all the parts needed to hear” makes me firmly believe this.  Nonetheless, Jameson continues to grow and develop with his language.  A month ago he was simply goo-ing, and now he has added the ‘A’ vowel and gaas too.  He is definitely talking more, but he’s not the chatterbox a lot of babies are.  I’m not bothered by this because 1.) He continues to grow and develop at his own pace in a progressive pattern and 2.) He’s only 4 months and I think I’m pretty good at the Hurry Up and Wait game 😉

I have also noticed Jameson’s eye strength develop lately.  It seems like his eyes are following the same track, where a few months ago one eye would appear focused and the other would be off track.

And my favorite development for this month is that I can actually see Jameson intently interested in Jackson.  Now, the first few months were definitely hard on Jackson.  I know it’s hard when the only child becomes the oldest child.  And I think Jackson handled it as good as a 3 year old could.  Jackson has always been loving toward Jameson (well as loving as 3 year old boys are ;)), but he did act out and have more temper tantrums than he usually does in the first couple of months.  But now it seems that he has settled in and realized that we still love him and Jameson is here but in no way taking his place, and our household is running with a certain calmness again — and I’ve been able to actually see the bonds forming between the two.

Jameson loves to watch Jackson run around and is so interested in what he’s doing.  I feel so blessed that Jameson has Jackson as a big brother to love and protect him and to help him grow!  I know I say the Jameson is my “sweet boy”, but my Jackson is just as much my sweet boy.  He is an amazing little boy with a beautiful spirit and I couldn’t have imagined a better brother and role model for little Jimmy.  Just this morning I had Jameson propped in my lap on one leg and Jackson was sitting on the other side of me.  Jameson must have stared at Jackson for a good 10 minutes, and every so often he’d break out a big baby grin and jump on my lap watching his big brother.  I wish I had a third arm to take a picture!



4 months:

Sleepy Boy-
Rockin his big bro’s Nat’s onsie 😉
Happy Boy!
Ooo, what’s this!?
Loving the Exersaucer!

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  1. Keep on writing! We so enjoying watching Jimmy’s development through this beautiful unfolding narrative. love dad

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