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At Jameson’s 2 month Well Check his pediatrician thought it wouldn’t hurt to see an orthopedic doctor.  Just to examine his feet and legs to see if any interventions like splints or braces might be needed to assist him with walking down the road.  In all the reading I have done so far on Pfeiffer syndrome I have not come across anything that talks about these kids having issues with walking in any way – But, I am not an expert and I will gladly take Jameson to any & every specialist there is, as long as the exam/procedure is not invasive and won’t hurt him in an unnecessary way.

So, today we went to Temple to see the orthopedist.  There isn’t too much to report, and this will be a fairly boring post in his blog, but I’ll take it!

Jameson’s exam went very smoothly.  As the doctor was looking him over Jameson locked in on me and kept smiling and cooing, it was pretty cute, lol.  As the doctor bent his legs back and forth he told me the most important thing was Jameson’s  hips.  He said as long as his hips were okay there shouldn’t be any problems with walking.  He said that his big toes obviously curve in, but that doesn’t affect the ability to walk, that part is mostly muscle, and as time goes on it will self-correct and his toes will straighten out.

The doc said Jameson’s hip joints feel fine.  He noted that his ankle joints feel fine too.  He also noted that Jameson’s toe curvature was mild – which is a good thing – but hard to evaluate on my end because I’m just not used to seeing it, so I was a little surprised by this remark.  I did make a point to ask if there might be any possible delays with walking due to his feet and he said No, that if anything Jameson might have discomfort with wearing shoes but that’s about it.

We went ahead and had an x-ray done, just to be on the safe side.  This syndrome is so rare and there are so many variations of the abnormalities associated with it – why not?  We were there and the Orthopedics Dept has their own x-ray room right there, so it only took a minute.  Jameson’s x-ray looked good according to the doctor.  He explained how the curve of the joint should be and said little Jimmy’s looked great and he said the spacing was where is should be for a baby under 12 months.  So….no need for ortho follow ups!!

All along this journey I will find myself in the hospital, in the car, or at home, or wherever I might be thinking about Jameson, thinking about Pfeiffer syndrome. Today at our appointment after we had the x-ray and were waiting for the doctor to come back and talk to us Jameson fell asleep in my arms.  I thought about the comments from the doctor and how he termed Jimmy’s feet “mild”.  And I thought that this is a crazy surreal life I live now, BUT –  so many things could be worse in so many ways.  And if you can still say that at the end of the day there’s no reason to walk away without a smile on your face.

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