3 Months!

Little Jimmy is 3 months today.  He’s weighing in at about 12lbs – not big compared to other babies, but such a fat boy compared to his size 3 months ago!

From the first few nights in the hospital Jameson was smiling in his sleep, and I kept waiting and waiting for him to really smile at me and he finally did a few weeks ago- I thought his first coo melted my heart, but when he looked at me in the eyes and got a big baby-face grin my heart melted twice over!  In the mornings when he first wakes up and when I get home from work are the best.  In the mornings I always try to feed him because he has consistently been sleeping from about 10pm – 7am so I figure he’s starving, but after a few gulps he wants to say a few goo-goos and gaas and smile a bunch – it’s so cute!  And on the days I work I feed him when I get home and it’s the same thing 🙂  I have attempted to take a million pictures of his smile because his face completely transforms and lights up and it’s like a whole new person comes to life, but of course it’s been impossible to get a good one.

Here is a short clip of his morning goos – it’s not the best because it got cropped when I turned it sideways.

For some reason it’s still sideways????  Well, next time I video tape I’ll make sure I have it the other way, lol.

That’s really the major milestone we had this month.  It’s funny because I think about when Jackson was this old and it’s already so hard for me to remember and he’s only 3 1/2 now!

Everything else is progression of the things he’s already been doing – His neck is getting stronger and he holds his head up taller and for longer periods of time.  He likes to stand on his legs and be pulled up by his arms.  He still prefers the sitting position on your lap or in the bumbo – the only thing is he won’t just sit in the bumbo I have to be right there so he can see me, so I’ll prop him on the kitchen counter or table when I am cooking dinner or doing the dishes.  And of course tummy-time, he’s getting pretty good and can squirm his way across the bed pretty well now.

You can easily see in his pictures that his head is changing.  It was slightly misshapen when he was born, but there is already such a huge difference.  Because the two sutures are fused his head has to compensate and grow in other directions so his brain can expand, you can see it is getting quite bumpy and ridgy in spots.  When I look at his newborn picture compared to one now I think ‘WOW’.  Ideally surgery is done at 12-15 months if possible, we’re only at month 3 and 9 months seems pretty far away right now.

He still loves his binky.  He was addicted to the Soothie’s but now he likes the Dr. Brown’s too.  Sometimes he doesn’t want either and either sucks on his thumb or gets his whole fist in there.  When he sleeps he sucks away on his tongue – he gets this from his mama – I always used to suck on my tongue!  His eyes are still grey, but sometimes I see green in them like mine, and the hair he was born with is starting to come out and new blonder hair is growing in its place – again, just like his mama 🙂

We didn’t have any doctor’s appointments this month.  Next week he has an orthopedic appt to look at his feet and legs, and then in May he’ll have his regular 4 month Well Check and then we’ll head up to Dallas to have a follow up with Dr. Fearon and for his MRI…something I am still nervous about because they will have to put him to sleep to do this, which also means no food for 8 hours and I’m not really sure how that’s going to work for a baby.  I guess he sleeps for 8 hours without eating, but I think it’ll be different because once he’s woken up he will want to eat.  But, I am still more nervous about the putting to sleep part…I can deal with a hungry crying baby… So, we’ll see…

For me 3 months has brought another level of acceptance.  The first month was a whirlwind.  The second month was accepting our new life and the path we’re on now.  This month I can say I have reached a new level of acceptance – if that makes any sense?  Before if someone would ask me how Jameson was doing I would just say – ‘He’s doing good’ and leave it at that.  People that don’t know me or him would just assume Jameson was a normal baby.  But now it’s not hard for me to expand and talk about Jameson’s condition or what kind of medical issues he has – and comfortably at that.  When Jameson starting to talk and smile I felt like I could see a new baby emerging.  Before I would wonder if things he was/wasn’t doing was part of the syndrome or part of his personality – but the more he continues to grow the more of his personality I can see – and in turn I find myself seeing less of the syndrome and more of just little Jameson. So to me this equals a new level of acceptance.

Here are some photos from this month:

Binky Time
Sweet Jimmy's Radar Ears 😉
Yummy Hand
March 24, 2012
Brothers 🙂

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  1. Once again magnificent writing that puts us right there with you and Jimmy. Thanks for sharing and giving us the opportunity to grow too. love dad

  2. Little behind on reading, but love seeing his handsome smile! Doesn’t it just absolutely make your whole day, no matter what it’s been like?! Glad to hear you got a little break from the doctor’s appts.

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