2 Months!

2 months!

Today is Saturday and his 2 month birthday was actually on Wednesday, but now that I am back to work it is a lot harder to keep up with posting right away.  Jameson is still plugging along and doing great.  He had his 2 month Well Baby visit and weighed in at 10lb. 5oz., so he’s gained 4lb. 3oz. since birth – not to mention the extra weight he had to make up for after loosing nearly a pound after he was born.  He has grown 3 solid inches too and his head keeps growing – he’s up to 36cm, 3.5cm more since birth.  He is still falling on the small side of the curve, but his progress is going in the right direction so there are no worries.

Jameson also had his follow up appointment with the ophthalmologist and everything looks good there too.  His hemorrhages all completely gone since the last visit and his optic nerve looked good, so that means the pressure inside his skull is just fine.  The doctor did prescribe some ointment for his eyes, which is just to help keep his eyes lubricated to prevent his cornea’s from getting damaged.

Other than that Jameson is continuing to get stronger and stronger each day.  He really likes to sit like a big person without leaning back so I have already broken out the bumbo and he’s liking that.  He is still good with tummy time, he had a full 30 minutes of tummy time before he got mad the other day, and he is starting to get “bouncy” when you stand his feet in your lap.  He likes brighter colored toys, right now he really likes this bright orange dragonfly toy.  He isn’t really talkative yet, and at this point I’m not worried about it, but I am monitoring it.

Jameson’s pediatrician did mention that it wouldn’t hurt to see an orthopedic podiatrist because of the way his feet are with the big toes curved in.  So, in the meantime I decided to go ahead and start our own physical therapy sessions – which simply entail stretching and bending his legs, ankles and feet in line back and forth.  I’ve also been doing this with his arms too, since the syndrome affects bone/tissue development I figure why not.

Oh, and he loves bath time!  Initially bath time was in the sink (I did this with Jackson too), because for me it’s just easier with smaller babies, but now that Jamey is bigger he’s in the baby bathtub now.  There were tears the first few baths, but now he just lays back and relaxes!  And if you haven’t noticed by now he loves his Binky.  Jackson had a blanket, and Jameson is attached to his pacifier.

Chillin in the Bumbo
Bath Time!

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