We Passed Our Hearing Test!

Today we went back to have a THIRD hearing test for Jameson’s right ear.  From what we have learned so far we know that Jameson’s condition may mean that there is a possibility for him to have issues with hearing.  He failed his initial hearing test at the hospital for both ears.  When we went back for our 2 day check up he passed his left ear but failed his right – despite the audiologists multiple attempts.

At today’s visit Jameson initially failed his right ear again though.  The audiologist said she was getting some feedback from his ear but not enough to pass the test.  So she wanted to do an AVI test where she hooked up a monitor behind each ear and on his forehead to see if all of his auditory nerves were working – and he passed!

This means that right now there is no way of knowing how well Jameson can hear, but he has everything he needs to hear.  So if in the future he does have an issue a simple hearing aid will be able to help;  as opposed to having a surgery to implant a device that simulates a cochlea.

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