Countdown To Our Cranial Consult

I got a phone call from the hospital this morning to set up Jameson’s cranial consult for surgery.  So we can start our first official countdown!  20 days to Feb 14.

Jameson’s inital consult will be a 4 hour long visit to the hospital where he will meet his entire Craniofacial Team – which consists of a plastic surgeon, a neurosurgeon, an audiologist, orthodontics, a pediatrician, a geneticist, and our team coordinator.  Jameson has done great with all of his appointments so far, so I am sure he will do fine meeting all these new people – but his brother might have a harder time dealing with being at a hospital for 4 hours!

3 thoughts on “Countdown To Our Cranial Consult

  1. Oh my gosh, that is the sweetest little face I have ever seen! He is a beautiful boy, and so lucky to be born to such a great, strong, smart mama who will take such great care of him. Best wishes to you and your family and I look forward to reading about Jameson’s progress.

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