Back In The Hospital

So we finally get to go home and 2 days later we are back in the hospital!

Two days after we came home we had to go to the hospital for Jameson’s Mother-Baby Well Visit.  Jameson’s weight had dropped to 5lb 6oz and he still was very jaundiced.  The nurse took some blood to test his bili-rubin and said she would give us a call when the test came back.

We left the hospital and went home.  45 minutes later she called and said Jameson’s bili-rubin was up to 19.6 and he needed to be re-admitted to Ped’s and put under the bili-lights.  So, we packed his bag and turned around and went back to the hospital.  Thank goodness my parents were here to watch Jackson, who was extremely upset at the news that mommy and Jameson had to leave so soon after finally coming home.

The hospital visit at Ped’s was much better than being down in Postpartum.  The nurses and doctors up here had much more experience dealing with babies with special needs.  The first doctor that came to see us was the first doctor since Jameson was born to actually talk to us about his condition.  Up until this point no one wanted to say anything and when this doctor said “I’m sure they’ve told you already that it’s a possibility that Jameson has Apert Syndrome”, I thought, “Um, no – no one has said a word, but the research my husband and I have done on our own has made us believe that Apert Syndrome could be a possibility.”

Despite having to go back to the hospital it turned out to be a great visit.  Jameson was released the next day, after 16 hours under the lights his level went down to 10.4.  Before we left the resident on duty made it a point to not let us leave before setting us up with an appointment with the Geneticist down in San Antonio.  So we left Thursday afternoon set up to drive to San Antonio the following Wednesday.

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